Dr. Garramone’s Take On Plastic Surgery And Self-Image

Dr. Ralph R. Garramone is recognized as Southwest Florida’s leading Board-certified plastic surgeon, having been voted Best Plastic Surgeon & Best Breast Cosmetic Surgeon 6 years in a row and Castle Connolly America’s Top Doctors 11 years in a row. Dr. Garramone takes exceptional pride and care in understanding and serving all of his patients’ needs and desires. He and his team are best known for providing surgical and non-surgical results that are both natural and glamorous for your face, breast, and body.

Self-imagePhoto Credit: ShutterstockFort Myers-based body expert Dr. Garramone gives his #1 piece of advice to people considering any treatment and/or procedure to improve their self-image. Here's what he said:

Self-image refers to how we see ourselves on so many levels. The idea of one’s self-image is more powerful than people realize. Being a plastic surgeon over the last 20 years has given me great insight into how physical appearance can change a person. When I first began in practice, I was amazed by the dramatic and sudden changes in character and personality that often resulted after cosmetic and surgical procedures. I came to the realization, that it wasn’t a coincidence. I have found that changing the physical appearance most definitely has the ability to affect your self-image to the degree that inevitably you feel new again.

For some patients, plastic surgery can erase the baggage of deep emotional wounds. Surgery is not a magic wand, but I have seen surgical outcomes transform lives. It is my responsibility as a surgeon to recommend and suggest the right procedure for each patient. Having great communication and realistic expectations is vital to what I do. At the end of the day, what I do is provide another layer of a positive self-image that goes hand in hand with overall self-confidence. It is an honor for me to give this to my patients.

Someone can have what they think is healthy self-esteem, but unless you truly believe you are beautiful, sometimes your actions and your subconscious mind won’t allow you to act as such. When your self-image is intact and your confidence is high, you can’t help but feel good. In today's society, we are largely judged on our physical appearance. When our self-confidence is threatened, we tend to feel anxious and insecure, and unhappy. I have even seen my patients' self-sabotage relationships, careers, etc. because they are physically insecure, and don’t feel good about themselves. Everyone talks about working on your inside but I believe the outside is even more important. This is based on my many years of watching human behavior. When you change the outside, the mind is finally able to relax and make positive shifts. Everyone on this planet deserves to feel good and look good. Societal elements predict the trends of what people perceive as looking good, and what doesn’t. Having a positive healthy mind that matches the outside helps us achieve overall mind-body balance. The better we look, the better we feel.

I am convinced more than ever that what each of us wants deep down, is more life, we as humans want to be loved. We crave acceptance. Who wouldn’t want greater happiness, success, and peace of mind? We can have all the God-given talents in the world, and still suffer a huge lack of confidence due to our physical appearance. In my opinion, we all have the potential to change and seek our own type of greatness. I am just a catalyst that can help people achieve their goals, or what they see in their minds as beautiful. After many surgical procedures, I see a shift in the human spirit. Let’s face it, more confidence is priceless!

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their own skin.

I have watched people for years walk in my office hiding their face or covering up their body, then months later, these same patients are walking tall and proud, they are transformed, much different. When they walk through those doors after recovering, they are different. Sometimes you would think it’s an entirely different person. I think it’s pretty powerful when heads are held high, and my patients have newfound greater self-esteem, and newfound confidence to conquer anything in life that comes their way. It makes me proud to be able to give others a more positive self-image. When I run into patients many years later, and they tell me because of their procedures, they were able to find the spouse they have always dreamed of, or they finally have the job that they couldn’t get before surgery…etc. I know psychologically how and why these things have happened. They have a much different perception of themselves and it now shows, and it can be felt.

When someone’s self-image is heightened, I genuinely believe miracles can happen. Everyone deserves to live their best life. Choosing to have surgical and non-surgical procedures is a personal decision. It has to feel right for the patient. Enhancing oneself or refreshing and renewing the face and body through cosmetic procedures is a personal decision.

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