Your Guide To PDO Threads

Arviv Medical Aesthetics represents the latest advances in the art of facial and body rejuvenation. Combining the luxury elements of a spa with the safety and superior clinical capabilities of the medical profession, we are one of the fastest-growing practices in Westchase of Tampa Bay and with a new office in Midtown, Miami. Dr. Tali Arviv, specializes in aesthetics and has more than a decade of laser-technology experience. Her goal is to improve problem areas while enhancing natural beauty. 

Haute Beauty sits down with Dr. Tali Arviv to learn more about PDO threads, the minimally invasive option to address the visible signs of aging such as creating jowls, folds and wrinkles.

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HB: What are PDO threads?

Polydioxanone (PDO) threads are a special medical grade thread, made of protein. they are used to lift the skin, create structural support and volume by stimulating collagen in they are that they are placed.

HB: How do they work?

Novathreads are preloaded into hypodermic needles to make the treatment process quick and easy. The needles are used to insert the threads beneath the skin, where they’ll gradually be absorbed over the course of four to six months.

HB: Where can they be used?

PDO threads can be used on the face, neck and body. the lifting effect for 6-12 months.

HB: Who is a good candidate?

The PDO Thread Lift procedure can be beneficial to patients with mild to moderate skin laxity and people who wish to avoid surgical procedures.

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HB: What is the cost?

Usually $250 per thread. We have changing promotions from time to time so it is worth it to check with the office every time you come for a service!