Get To Know Foot & Ankle Expert Dr. Ray Lopez

Dr. Ray Lopez

My greatest achievement:

Publication of my first minimally invasive procedure while still in residency.

The future of my field is:

Cosmetic foot surgery, specifically a push towards minimally invasive procedures offering patients a faster recovery, decreased pain, and aesthetically focused results.

The biggest misconception about my field is:

A common misconception about my field is that surgery is required to correct many conditions associated with foot and ankle pain. This is simply not true. With new and innovative techniques including advancements in conservative therapies and regenerative medicine, many patients can achieve a return to normal function utilizing safe and effective in-office treatments and avoiding the operating room altogether.

My most requested procedures are:

Minimally Invasive Bunion Correction (The Beach Bunion ™ Procedure), Foot fillers (Pump Pads ™ ), N0-Scar ™ Hammertoe repair.

What are you best known for?

I am a firm believer that less is more, especially when it comes to surgical treatments. My passion for minimally invasive foot and ankle procedures with a focus on aesthetic results enables me to provide my patients with the unique and effective treatment options they have come to expect.

What sets my practice apart:

Whats sets my practice apart is that each and every patient receives a concierge level of service and personalized attention. Whether a patient is out of town and requires a Skype consultation or is simply burdened with a busy schedule, we pride ourselves on doing the most to accommodate them. I pride myself on being fully available from the initial consult to the final visit.  I spend as much time with my patients as they need to answer any questions and feel comfortable in their understanding of their condition and treatment options.

What I love most about my profession is:

My favorite part of my profession is the interaction I am able to have with my patients and my ability to have a positive impact on their lives. Often, patients come to my office self-conscious about their feet or are in pain, unable to enjoy a night out dancing or even a walk on the beach. There is nothing more rewarding than a patient trusting you with their care and helping them return to doing the things they love.

Career defining procedure?

I am most proud of our results with the Beach Bunion ™  procedure. Over the years I have encountered many patients with horror stories of their previous traditional “open”bunion correction, such as ugly scarring, terrible post-operative pain and a long, difficult recovery. This was simply unacceptable to me and drove me to rethink this problem and offer a minimally invasive approach. The Beach Bunion ™  procedure was developed to provide my patients with the correction and aesthetic results they are looking for.  Through a small incision requiring little dissection and no visible stitches I can achieve the same correction with less pain, a faster recovery, and no unsightly scar.

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