Cosmetic Rhinoplasty For Men And Women


Dr. Deepak Raj Dugar is a World Renowned, Beverly Hills Celebrity Plastic Surgeon.  Referred to as the “Celeb Scarless Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgeon” by E! News, Dr. Dugar has become famous for his Scarless NoseTM (Closed Rhinoplasty) technique and his Non-surgical approach to the face and body. Haute Beauty chats with Dr. Dugar about the main differences between a male and female cosmetic rhinoplasty.

HB: What are the most common requests among males seeking a cosmetic Rhinoplasty?

With my international practice for closed scarless rhinoplasty, Males generally want conservative refinement of their profiles or bones or nasal tips to balance the nose with the rest of their face. They generally aren't looking for a "perfect nose" as much as they just want their nose to fall back and be in balance so its not as noticeable as it may be.  They also routinely have breathing problems with a deviated septum and would like to have it addressed at the same time.  With male rhinoplasty particularly, I am always very conservative as most male noses need to stay masculine so it retains the authentic, untouched look.  I never want a male patient to have any obvious tell-tale signs of surgery such as a ski-slope or pinched tip.  I also want them to breathe better than ever before which is why we perform septoplasty with spreader grafts on most of our male rhinoplasty patients who do have deviated septum.  


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HB: What are most common requests among females seeking a cosmetic Rhinoplasty?

With our female patients, with my closed scarless nose rhinoplasty technique, they come in seeking natural feminism for their noses and they come from all over.  Literally all over.  My staff and I used to think it was crazy how patients from Australia, Dubai, Saudi, Moscow, London, Switzerland, India, Singapore, etc would pour into our clinic.  Now we accept it as our routine.  Over 50% of my practice flies in from outside of the country and another 30% from all over the country.  Females have been flocking to our practice because they don't want the traditional aggressive open rhinoplasty approach so many doctors employ even on first time primary cosmetic rhinoplasty patients.  They don't want the pinched tip, or ski slope noses of days past.   Patients are also getting smarter about understanding super sub-speciality.  Since I only do closed scarless rhinoplasty as 100% of my surgical practice, patients feel more comfortable knowing that they are going to a nose expert rather than someone who does 20% noses, 20% breasts, 20% liposuction, 20% facelifts, 20% eyelids, etc, etc.    With my female clients, the key is identifying their true vision and inspiration for their nose, and making sure our ideals fit.  I have a lot of people sending celebrity photos for inspiration which I find super helpful because it immediately tells me how realistic they are.  If they send faces and noses that are totally different from theirs, then I know closed scarless rhinoplasty is likely not for them and they may need a more aggressive form of surgery via open rhinoplasty.  However if they want subtle refinement to improve their nose, then closed scarless rhinoplasty is the key and ideal method.  

HB: Do methods differ when treating men and women for cosmetic rhinoplasties?

The main difference lies in the subtlety.  I am always subtle with ALL my rhinoplasty patients but even more so with MALE rhinoplasty.   I would say otherwise the concepts are the same and the way we approach the internal breathing is the same.  Im just less aggressive with male rhinoplasty especially for the profile of the nose as I never want a ski-slope on a male rhinoplasty patient.  


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HB: Does recovery differ between the two? 

No difference in recovery between male and female rhinoplasty with the closed scarless rhinoplasty method.  We routinely see patients on day 6-7 after their surgery able to return to life and socializing with little to no tell-tale signs of surgery.  All our international patients fly home on day 7 after their surgery and resume normal life and socializing without most people ever knowing.  I always say its easy to fool dad, sister, brother, best friend, colleagues...but mom is tough. Mom just knows your face so well...but sometimes I even get away with a patient telling me that even their mom didn't notice!   Thats the best thing I love to hear.