Get To Know Periodontology Expert Dr. Baruch Tetri

Dr. Baruch TetriPhoto Credit: Petro Onysko

My Greatest Achievement...

I build upon a comprehensive dental technology background and an exceptional dental education in three countries. This provides me a rare perspective of both surgical and restorative dental procedures and their potential to change lives. To do it, I’ve developed a proprietary process. In a single day while a patient sleeps they receive full-mouth implants, all done by one doctor under one roof. My patients awake with fixed, beautiful and fully functioning teeth, and for them it is nothing less than transformative and truly life changing. I cannot imagine a greater achievement.

The Future of My Field...

The advances of 3D printing and 3D technologies create once-unimaginable possibilities. By digitizing many aspects of dentistry, we’ve entered an all new era of efficiencies and benefits.
This allows treating patients more predictably with fewer errors and amazing cosmetic results.

The Biggest Misconception About My Field...

Many patients believe all dentists with a diploma do much the same work, mostly drill and fill. They don’t understand the differences education, specialization and experience make in their dentist’s approach. Because of that they can’t appreciate how technology unleashes all new possibilities. Today’s dentists bring a bold vision to the profession, dedicated to improving overall health and the quality of patient lives physicians by treating the whole person. Beyond a new smile, helping relieve a variety of issues such as migraines and muscle pain, improving posture and more.

My Most Requested Procedures...

Dental implants, cosmetic veneers, replacement and/or correction of failed work or taking on the most complicated and challenging cases from other dentists.

The Surgical Advancements I’m Most Excited About...

As a board certified periodontist and implant surgeon I am at the forefront of research that has triggered innovation. I’m fortunate in offering patients the advantages of a variety of unique growth factors, separated from their own blood, that expedite healing exponentially. Special equpment in my office allows me to use Platelet Rich Plasma, Stem Cells, Platelet Rich Fibrin and more. Utilization of these special growth factors dramatically reduces post-surgical downtime, pain, swelling and discomfort, allowing patients to get on with their lives in less time.

 What I’m Best Known For...

I’m proud to be known for treating the most complicated dental challenges, the dentist patients turn to when a multi-disciplinary approach with surgical and cosmetic expertise is required.

Dr. Tetri examining patientPhoto Credit: Petro Onysko

My Most Memorable Patient Reaction:

As dentists we all hope for happy endings.  A pretty, young woman came to me with disfigured smile after multiple failed surgeries.  With the help of digital technology, I decided to reconstruct her smile non-surgically with astonishing results. Upon seeing her amazing new smile in the mirror, she wept uncontrollably with joy and new confidence. It brought tears to my eyes and a determination to seek that happy ending for every patient.

 What Sets My Practice Apart:

With a remarkable staff from office to lab, ours is a warm, inviting clinic where patients in one place get top notch surgical, restorative and cosmetic therapy by one specialist while they sleep.

What I love Most About My Profession:

People talk about dentists being in the smile business.  I see it differently because that brighter smile makes people happy – so, to me, we’re in the happiness business.

My Career-Defining Procedure:

 Dr. Baruch Tetri's one-day surgery, full-mouth rehabilitation.

New Services I’m Excited to Offer:

Many patients come to me today suffering from constant headaches, muscle and jaw pain, jaw opening limitations and difficulty in chewing. This causes a variety of problems including stiff necks, finger numbness, hip joint pain and snoring that adversely affects marriages and families. To relieve this, I’ve had great success using Neuromuscular Dentistry treatment techniques.