Some Of The Best Dermatology Tips And Tricks From Around The Country


I queried some of the top dermatologists around the nation on what tips they love sharing with their patients. Here is the inside advice you can follow any day for imperfections as tiny as a bug bite and occasions as prominent as red-carpet affairs.

Linda Honet, MD

Generously sprinkle coarse sugar crystals in leftover lemon halves and gently rub on elbows and heels and rinse. Gentle exfoliation from the sugar and citric acid and the halves are the perfect size for elbows and heels. Moisturize well after.

Jennifer Silverman Kitchin, MD

Have a mosquito bite? Apply some clear nail polish. It calms the itch and clears them more quickly.

Mary Noel George, MD

Cheap and effective undereye cream? Vaseline petroleum jelly is THE BEST under eye cream. Nothing gets more hydration into the skin to fill the crepe-y lines.

Monique Kamaria Chheda, MD

Losing hair while you sleep? Silk pillowcases to reduce hair breakage/hair loss.

Ritu Saini, MD

Pimple and can't make it to the dermatologist for a quick injection? Try a little OTC hydrocortisone and toothpaste. This can shrink and dry the lesions out fast.



Here is some of my personal advice that I often share with patients.

Big event tomorrow? Sleep with an extra pillow at night and minimize sodium to minimize water retention and the appearance of under eye bags.


Painful little fissures on your fingertips from hand dermatitis or eczema? Try super glue. It’s a safe and effective way to temporarily reseal the area and allow it to heal.


Put all undereye creams in the fridge. When you apply, not only do the active ingredients help but the coolness also constricts the area and improves the appearance of bags.


Dark Spots on your face? Look for products with soy, a natural lightener.



Your retinoid drying you out? Use a few drops of 100% Argan oil at night as a mask before bed. It helps decrease oil production AND makes your skin incredibly soft and supple.


For patients with history of skin cancer or who pigment from the sun (melasma), I recommend Heliocare supplements in addition to sunscreen. Heliocare has a ton of literature behind it and is derived from a fern extract.


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Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali is a Dermatologist, Clinical Investigator and Laser Surgeon based out of Manhattan and Miami. He is quickly becoming the doctor of choice for young Hollywood celebrities, as well as athletes and models around the country.

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