Zara Harutyunyan D.O.M, N.P: Botox Cosmetic Can Help With More Than Wrinkles


Aesthetic specialist and nurse practitioner, Zara Harutyunyan uses Botox Cosmetic in many areas of the face and body for different effects besides fine lines and wrinkles.

Cosmetic Rejuvenation Medical Center(CRMC) is where Zara practices her aesthetic medicine. CRMC is one of the largest providers in the country of Botox Cosmetic according to Allergan, the makers of Botox. Botox is known to be injected in the glabellar (between the brows), forehead and crows feet areas for fine lines and wrinkles, but there are some other uses for Botox that are very popular. The 3 other more common areas that Harutyunyan injects Botox is the underarms, masseter muscle, and the philtrum (between your upper lip and nose).

Sweat Control

The underarms/armpit area is a very common area for hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis is also known as excessive sweating. Often patients complain that they perspire a lot and are embarrassed because they have wet marks and stains on their shirts. Botox can be injected into the armpit to help reduce this excessive perspiration. Most patients tend to get 50 units per side and the results last up to 9 months. This is a quick and simple treatment that requires no downtime and results are noticeable within a week.

Jaw Relief

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joints. This disorder occurs from the joint is being injured. Often patients grind their teeth at night, which causes the joint to be in pain, causes headache and tension pain as well  as aesthetically creates an enlarged jaw area. Botox can be injected into the masseter muscle to relieve some of the physical pain as well as slim the jaw area. The average patient needs to be injected with as little as 15 units to as much as 50 units per side. The patient often feels an instant relief once injected. This treatment needs to be repeated every 3-4 month.

Smile Correction

A gummy smile is the term used when a person shows a lot of their upper gums when smiling. Those who have a gummy smile often don’t like it, and now Botox is known as a popular treatment to correct it. This minimal treatment of 2-4 units is injected in the philtrum (area between upper lip and nose) to lower the smile. This simple, yet effective treatment tends to last 2-4 months depending on the patient.

As mentioned above these 3 treatments are all very popular and effective Botox Cosmetic treatments. To see pictures and videos on these treatments follow us on Instagram @CRMCLASER. To make an appointment for a consultation, please contact the Cosmetic Rejuvenation Medical Center at 323.650.9949 or email the office at

ZaraDoctor of Medicine, Ms. Zara Harutyunyan MSN, AGNP is an expert injector and leading clinician at Cosmetic Rejuvenation Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA.

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