Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Activated Charcoal From The CEO Of Dirty Lemon

If there’s one thing the health and wellness community has been talking about this year, it’s activated charcoal. Whether you’re drinking it, using it in the form of a mask or brushing your teeth with it- you’re well aware there are numerous ways to integrate charcoal into your life.

There’s a reason that charcoal has become so prevalent as of lately and we spoke with CEO and Co-Founder Zak Normandin of Dirty Lemon as well as Laurie Brodsky, the Naturopathic Doctor and Expert for Dirty Lemon to tell you exactly why.

Zak Normandin: CEO and Co-Founder of Dirty Lemon
Zak Normandin: CEO and Co-Founder of Dirty Lemon

Why are so many people suddenly drawn to activated charcoal?

LB: The +charcoal beverage elegantly targets so many of the current health concerns we are facing today, whether they be stemming from inflammatory imbalances, overindulging in junk food, sweets or alcohol, bouts of food poisoning, indigestion, gas, bloating and even the common cold and flu-like symptoms.

As many of us work so hard to ‘heal our gut’, there are usually a myriad of obstacles in the way obscuring our success. The +charcoal beverage provides the ideal balance of taste, negligible sugar content, herbal and medicinally therapeutic support, all of which work hard to synergistically enhance the body’s digestive function yielding a cleaner, more productive you.

What is the +charcoal formula like?

LB: For a plethora of reasons, the +charcoal formula has been such a huge success since its ingredients are clean, simple, and highly effective. Our activated charcoal is cleanly sourced from coconut shells as opposed to most chemically-stripped and overheated varieties on the market, and provides an amped-up influx of trillions of teeny magnets designed to adsorb and bind as it cleans up any lingering toxins throughout the digestive tract.

What sticks? Molecules resulting from cascades of inflammation, stress, alcohol or medication use, chemicals from environmental exposure including heavy metals, pesticides, and even unwanted microbes of all sorts; the list goes on.


How long has activated charcoal been around?

ZN: Activated Charcoal is one of the oldest natural remedies on record — It was used by the Egyptians to treat stomach ailments, and is used in hospitals daily as a detoxifier.

What makes Dirty Lemon stand apart?

ZN: Dirty Lemon is the first consumer brand in the world to sell products exclusively via text message, challenging the beverage industry standard by building a direct relationship with customers and launching products that align with the rapidly changing taste and preference of the modern consumer.

Our +charcoal formula includes a low dose of pharmaceutical-grade activated charcoal along with lemon, ginger & dandelion root to provide a gentle cleanse to your system without any dramatic changes to diet or lifestyle.

To learn more about Dirty Lemon be sure to check out their website.