Breaking Barriers At Daytona: The IRON DAMES’ Trailblazing Journey

Founded in 2018 by Deborah Mayer, the IRON DAMES is a groundbreaking project committed to promoting and supporting women in sports, breaking down gender barriers, and encouraging the next generation to pursue their dreams relentlessly.

The project has been launched and rapidly developed in the Endurance Racing. The IRON DAMES, as an all-female line-up, achieved historic victories and breakthroughs, including becoming the first all-female team to win a race in the FIA World Endurance Championship and the first to finish second in the championship.

When starting the project, the world discovered the all-female team as a novelty, but the Dames never ran after participation trophies; they raced to win, and win they did. The project, rooted in values of passion, determination, and excellence, has made significant strides in motorsport, and has now extended its reach to the realm of Equestrian sport.

Lining-up for the second time at the legendary 24 Hours of Daytona, the pink squad will be keen continue to demonstrate that gender knows no bounds and boundaries when it comes to competitive racing.

IRON DAMES Racing: Pioneers of Equality on the Track

For the past five years, the IRON DAMES have been pushing the boundaries of the racing world, proving that gender should never be a hindrance to success. They go far beyond a simple racing team; they symbolize the capacity of women to surpass themselves and bring results. Beyond competition, the IRON DAMES project stands for all women willing to go beyond their limits and all women driven by dreams.

Meet the Drivers Taking on the Daytona 24 Hours

The IRON DAMES roster for the Daytona 24 Hours is a formidable lineup of skilled and accomplished racers:

Sarah Bovy: Hailing from Belgium, Bovy has consistently delivered at the highest level since her karting days. In 2023, she, along with her teammates, made history by winning in WEC and finishing second in the overall championship.

Michelle Gatting: Born in Denmark, Gatting has proven herself as one of the fastest female racers. Her remarkable achievements include winning the prestigious Ferrari Challenge Europe Trofeo Pirelli and making history in the IMSA Endurance Cup in 2023.

Rahel Frey: A Swiss driver with a wealth of experience, Frey has been a key member of the Iron Dames project since its inception. Her dream of becoming a professional racing driver for Audi Sport in DTM came true, and in 2023, she celebrated historic wins in WEC, securing the first position and finishing second in the overall world championship.

Doriane Pin: The youngest of the group, from France, Pin has already made waves in the racing world. From winning the Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli to joining the Mercedes-AMG F1 Team’s Junior Program, she is a rising star in the motorsport universe.

IRON DAMES Equestrian: Show Jumping to New Heights

Expanding its horizons, the IRON DAMES project has ventured into Equestrian sport, fielding the “Cannes stars powered by IRON DAMES” Team. Comprising six elite riders, this all-female team is set to challenge the top-level in show jumping competitions globally, including the prestigious Longines Global Champions Tour and Global Championships League from the 2024 season.

IRON DAMES Collection: More Than Just Fashion

To celebrate their participation in the adrenaline-packed 24 Hours of Daytona, the IRON DAMES are launching an exclusive, limited edition T-shirt showcasing the Brand’s empowering motto, “Women Driven by Dreams.” Embodying the philosophy of the project, the online collection goes beyond mere fashion; it represents an everyday lifestyle, a positive state of mind, and the desire to assert and prove to the world that there are no impossible dreams.

Daytona is more than a race for these remarkable women. When they take to the track, they will be taking America’s youth with them as they share their extraordinary story and ambition to make history again.