Contemporary Artist Joseph Yonke Is Taking An Unorthodox Path In The World Of Art

Art, or more specifically, contemporary fine art, is not just about the artist but how a piece of aesthetic poetry makes the viewer feel. The emotions that are pulled from the canvas and drawn into the soul, whether they evoke feelings of love, joy, and playfulness or desolation, resentment, and madness, are the goal. Up-and-coming contemporary fine artist Joseph Yonke understands this on a level that many other creators struggle to grasp, and his extensive, dynamic, and thought-provoking assemblage of works displays his unique ability to explore the depths of the human experience with only his brush and endless devotion in hand.

Inspired by the cubism and surrealism of Pablo Picasso and the abstract expressionism of Willem de Kooning, Yonke was raised creating art under the unique mentorship of his grandfather, artist Robert Yonke. From the time he could hold a brush, he was taught not only how to paint but also to never give up on what matters most to him, which has only grown his career in the face of the criticism that is an intrinsic part of such a vulnerable enterprise.

As opposed to the traditional route that many artists take, Yonke has been carving his path in the industry since first developing his style at a young age. Disregarding the academics other artists lean into for guidance and inspiration, he has set himself apart by embracing his rather intuitive but compelling style and the freedom to experiment with multiple mediums. As a young contemporary artist whose primary focus regards portraiture and the human figure, Yonke has encompassed the lessons he’s learned and honed his talent in a way that forges a genuine connection with humanity, resulting in some notable accomplishments.

After recently moving to Miami, FL, Yonke hosted an exhibition in Miami’s Wynwood Art District at the Lélia Mordoch Gallery. The highly successful opening saw more than 150 people in attendance and introduced a large group of art lovers to this young contemporary abstract artist. His solo exhibition solidified Yonke’s presence in Miami and significantly expanded his collector base.

My Grandfather Who Got Me Into Art and I

As an up-and-coming, figurative abstract-expressionist artist, Yonke’s unique tenacity and devotion to his craft have grown exponentially, making him a rare talent worth following. The lessons he has learned from his grandfather continue to play a role in his tireless work ethic every day, and no better examples of this can be portrayed in a more accessible fashion than by visiting his website and viewing his most recent work.

Joseph Yonke’s rapidly growing reputation among abstract figurative artists is working to develop his name among a short list of gifted modern originators. His conglomeration of skills is unique as he has been cultivating them from a young age, and the trajectory of Yonke’s exclusive path is currently set to see him expand into international recognition. The scope of his ability to depict raw emotion and elicit an array of different feelings is broadening with each brush stroke, and it benefits all highly refined collectors to follow his journey on Instagram to keep a watchful eye out for all of this genuinely one-of-a-kind visual artist’s new creations.

Written in partnership with Tom White