Introducing The Macallan Horizon: Haute Living Celebrates The Macallan x Bentley Motors


Who knew that the perfect pairing for a refined whiskey is a luxury motor brand? In collaboration with Haute Living and Bentley Motors, The Macallan unveiled their newest prototype, The Macallan Horizon. The limited edition single malt whiskey was introduced as a prototype during its debut celebration at Bentley Residences Miami this past week. The exquisite event was held at the Bentley Residences’ state-of-the-art sales gallery. Amid the sounds of a refined and talented violinist, Haute Partners and notable guests were served various refreshments. Tastings provided by The Macallan were selectively accompanied by caviar and gourmet pairings.

Available in the summer of 2023, the prototype of The Macallan Horizon combines the traditional craft of The Macallan Whiskeys with the innovation and cutting-edge technology of Bentley Motors. During its unveiling, the highly anticipated prototype was the star of the show. Set on display, The Macallan Horizon prototype featured a unique horizontal design with an extraordinary 180-degree twist, representing the mastery of space and time achieved by both brands. The prototype was made from six upcycled, repurposed, or ethically sourced materials. The design itself portrays the brands as the materials were integral to both representing The Macallan’s acclaimed Six Pillars as well as recyclable glass, carbon neutral leather, and aluminum recovered from the Bentley Motors manufacturing process.

Michelle L. Judd, April Donelson, & Linor Shefer

“Taking inspiration from the automotive industry, we are showcasing our creative vision and concept development of The Macallan Horizon, which is among the most unique projects we have embarked on in our almost 200-year history,” says Jaume Ferras, Global Creative Director for The Macallan.

Of course, the prototype wouldn’t be complete without some whiskey to fill it with. Luckily, The Macallan Master Whisky Maker customized a very special single malt whisky specifically the prototype to carry. The flavor profile was inspired by her visit to Bentley Motors, where she witnessed their strong, shared passion for creativity, craftsmanship, and innovation.

Jente Gees, Diana Ceballes, Amanda Tucker, Katie Nahat, Raquel Raies, & Robert Ayona


Jennifer Young & Melanie Scott
Sebastian Tettananti & Kiki Bart
Zhanna Zervos & Vikroriya Avramchuk

The private and intimate event was exclusive as it hosted several notable guests including Haute Media Group CEO, Kamal Hotchandani; Dezer Development President, Gil Dezer; Real Housewives of Miami’s Kiki Barth; and the Haute Living Team.

All Photo Credits: World Red Eye