Derek Cavan of Squared Realty Knows the Las Vegas Real Estate Market

The Las Vegas real estate market is booming, and more people are buying property in the area, with the sales of single-family homes hitting a new high. The sector has reached its highest level in 14 years. This has been linked to different factors, including employment opportunities, entertainment, and reduced risks. But it is almost impossible to talk about the Las Vegas housing market and its growth without mentioning Derek Cavan.

Derek Cavan is a real estate broker serving the Las Vegas market but he started his career in South Florida. He is widely known for his work in the industry, especially in South Florida where he rebranded a run-down restaurant and nightclub that sold for millions of dollars and was featured on different shows and business publications. Derek is also the founder and CEO of Squared Realty, a real estate agency that has cemented its spot in the Las Vegas housing market, helping people get their dream homes.

A 20-year veteran in the real estate industry, his extensive background, solid network, and unbeatable negotiation skills have enabled him to penetrate the highly-competitive sector and take the Las Vegas real estate market to the next level.

He started his journey in Florida, where he established a successful real estate brokerage. Derek is a skilled commercial and residential real estate broker in South Florida, Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami Dade. He worked in these areas for 15 years before he decided to expand his agency and relocated with his family to Las Vegas.

Derek moved there after observing the Las Vegas housing market and joined with the goal of improving the industry. According to Derek, he wanted to provide the people of Las Vegas with a more flexible real estate agency and help buyers find options within their price range.

He has now established a successful real estate venture and knows the Las Vegas Valley more than brokers who have lived there for 20 years. Derek Cavan specializes in residential real estate in Las Vegas and has been contacted to work on various projects by celebrities and entrepreneurs.

Derek was contracted to rebrand a run-down restaurant and nightclub by a client who wanted to sell the property. Derek renovated the property and sold it in less than a year at a price grossing millions of dollars in revenue. His success on this project received massive attention from the press and was even featured on the #1 late-night talk show.

He says his goal is to help more investors and buyers take advantage of the booming Las Vegas real estate market as he raises the standards in the field. The market is hot as buyers flood properties, and inventory is limited, making it harder for buyers to get their hands on the best properties. But it isn’t impossible.

Derek Cavan is leveraging his extensive background and knowledge of the Vegas housing market to help his clients. With his team at Squared Realty, he is changing the Las Vegas real estate market and helping people get the best deals and find their dream home.

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