Clase Azul Mexico Continues 25th Anniversary Celebration with New Limited Edition Tequila

The Clase Azul Tequila 25 Aniversario Limited Edition will also debut the redesigned emblem as part of brand’s new identity

Clase Azul México, the Mexican luxury brand known for its exquisite artisanship and distillates, has announced the release of its Clase Azul Tequila 25 Aniversario Limited Edition to commemorate a quarter-century of sharing the beauty and magic of Mexican culture with the world. As part of the brand’s year-long celebration, 9,125 decanters will be available worldwide, each one representing a day since the birth of the brand. The product will be available in the US starting July 15, 2022.

The Limited Edition will also debut the brand’s new emblem, recently revealed as part of the company’s brand identity transformation from Clase Azul Spirits to Clase Azul México. During this transition the brand has pledged its commitment to diversify the ways it will offer a culturally exquisite Mexico to consumers.

The 25 Aniversario Limited Edition, created as a nod to the distinctive and beloved brand icon Clase Azul Tequila Reposado, will be the very first decanter painted completely in the brand’s distinctive cobalt blue. Each decanter is decorated with feathered motifs inspired by floating dandelion seeds, meant to symbolize how the brand has spread throughout the world. 25 of the motifs are painted platinum, one for each year of Clase Azul’s history.

Paying tribute to the liquid that has captivated luxury tequila connoisseurs for decades, Master Distiller Viridiana Tinoco reimagined this 100% Blue Weber Agave reposado. A portion of the agave used to make this spirit was milled with a traditional stone mill called a tahona, a practice that dates back to the origins of tequila. The fermentation process was extended to emphasize citrus and fruity notes. The blend was aged for eight months in two different first-use American whiskey casks, each one imparting its own distinct and rich tasting notes. The flavor profile consists of woody notes with sumptuous hints of caramel and vanilla followed by a spicy cinnamon finish with a touch of agave syrup and a slight earthy, mineral character. 

‘’Our intention was to pay homage to Clase Azul Tequila Reposado, while still creating something special in honor of our 25th Anniversary’’ stated Viridiana Tinoco, Master Distiller at Clase Azul México. “Using a traditional stone ‘tahona’ to mill part of the agave and aging in American whiskey casks that have only been used once seemed to strike the perfect balance for this timeless tequila. 

Clase Azul México was founded in 1997 in Guadalajara, Jalisco by Arturo Lomelí, who was determined to create a product as exquisite as the land it comes from. Lomelí,’s dedication to Mexican culture has made Clase Azul one of the leaders in the spirits and luxury categories, which is now sold worldwide in more than 50 countries—including Mexico, the United States, Canada, France, Spain, Greece, the UK, South Korea, and Australia. The company, which is deeply connected to craftsmanship, supports Mexico’s artisanal community through Fundación Causa Azul, a non-profit organization dedicated to collaborating with artisan communities to improve their quality of life and preserving Mexican folk-art as part of the country’s cultural heritage and legacy.