Carmelo Anthony Unveils Inaugural Wine Along With Wine NFT By Club dVIN In Aspen

NBA all-star, Carmelo Anthony, joined Club dVIN founding members to commemorate the creation of a special NFT, marking the release of his inaugural wine, Oath of Fidelity.

Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade

Carmelo Anthony joined some of the most celebrated and esteemed names in the wine, crypto and media industries as a founding member of Club dVIN, the world’s premier global non-fungible token wine club.

Anthony teamed up with Club dVIN on an exclusive Tasting Token™ NFT. The occasion was celebrated last week in Aspen, CO with an intimate dinner and the launch of the future Hall of Famer’s inaugural vintage, VII(N) Châteauneuf-du-Pape Oath of Fidelity 2017. The debut wine is part of Anthony’s newly-announced wine estate brand, VII(N) – The Seventh Estate. The dinner was held in Aspen’s Hotel Jerome, where Anthony was joined by longtime business partner, Asani Swann. A few of the notable names present at the dinner were fellow NBA stars, Dwyane Wade and CJ McCollum, as well as Club dVIN founders, David Garrett, Brian Feuer and Behdad Shahsavari.

CJ McCollum, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade

All attendees of the private event received a Club dVIN Tasting Token™ featuring Carmelo Anthony and Oath of Fidelity. The Tasting Token™ NFT allows wine drinkers to record tasting notes, with whom the bottle of wine was enjoyed and where the wine was uncorked. Tasting Token™ NFTs, created with technology proprietary to Club dVIN, are minted when the bottles attached to a Club dVIN Digital Cork™ are opened. The Digital Cork is also proprietary to Club dVIN and provides a certificate of authenticity, chain of custody and proof of provenance. This allows drinkers to follow the journey of the wine as well as works to disincentivize fraud.

Carmelo Anthony

Photo Credit: Andreas Branch

Club dVIN’s exclusive network provides access to curated wine and fine-dining experiences across the globe. This includes physical and virtual tastings with the world’s best winemakers and experts, and access to rare collections and exclusive drops by premier winemakers. The innovation behind Club dVIN is set to revolutionize the industry by utilizing blockchain technology, providing confidence to buyers and valuable information to producers.

More information about Club dVIN is available on the website,, as well as on Club dVIN’s Twitter and Instagram.