The Biggest Event In Fine Wine Is Back!

With the world’s wine community once again able to gather in person, Bordeaux en primeur (EP) 2021 offers an essential access point to what remains the cornerstone of the fine wine universe.

The potential benefits of buying EP are:

  • Priority access – Once bottled, some wines can be more difficult to find.
  • Provenance – EP buyers are the first owners of the wines.
  • Potentially lower prices – Buying wine ‘futures’ can be cheaper than waiting until bottle release.
  • Investment potential – By choosing the right wines and understanding the price positioning of Châteaux, buyers can find EP wines with strong investment potential.

Each year, Bordeaux’s en primeur (EP) campaign offers an essential access point to this core fine wine region. The EP for the 2021 vintage begins with a tasting week at the end of April, followed by EP releases of the new wines during the following weeks.

Whether you’re a collector, investor, or just after great wine, Bordeaux remains the benchmark of the fine wine world. Although the global trade has enjoyed a healthy diversification in recent years as wines from Italy and South America command larger shares, Bordeaux still stands tall with the largest share of the global market (around 40% by value in 2021, according to Liv-ex).

Consequently, Bordeaux wines remain the most liquid segment of the fine wine market. Additionally, prices have posted the most consistent appreciation in all of the fine wine over the long term, making Bordeaux the indispensable foundation of a fine wine portfolio.

Cult Wines has just returned from the 2021 EP tasting week in Bordeaux, gaining a better perspective on the vintage. Early talk had focused on the difficult weather conditions in 2021, and while the year certainly tested producers, many of the best and most experienced rose to the challenge. While results in 2021 did vary, true Bordeaux lovers can delight in the variety and nuance across appellations and producers and enjoy the rewards of some absolutely stunning wines.

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