Designa Individual Watches Unveils Carbon Sea-Dweller Collection

Watchmakers across the world dream of creating the most masterful watch in their own niche. When you think of designer watches, only a select few shine over the competition: Rolex, Audemar Piguet, and Patek Philippe. Instead of competing to become the next best brand from scratch, a new designer is working their way to the top by creating customized based off iconic designer models using alternative high-end materials to create beautiful art.

Designa Individual Watches is a German based watch company that has taken the concept of high-end customization for personal devices, later immersing themselves into the incredible world of traditional watchmaking. With a team made up of highly-skilled, veteran technicians, Designa Individual Watches has mastered the technique of using strong composite materials such as carbon fiber and implementing it into diverse forms of everyday accessories, most commonly with Rolexes.

For each new piece that Designa Individual Watches decides to create, copious amounts of research & development, time, and pure passion come together to ensure that every step of the way goes as planned. As a result of precision craftsmanship, a new collection is born.Carbon SD 43 mm is a collection with an array of neutral and bright colors of Seadweller Rolex that contain a handmade nato-nylon strap for comfortability, a velcro buckle, and in most cases, a carbon fiber bezel to tie it all together.

Turquoise Carbon – Sea Dweller is one watch that is part of this particular collection. Along with the case, the dial, markers, and bezel consist of a carbon fiber makeup and 18k gold. The   Turquoise Carbon is priced at approximately $54,517.98 (€47,999). Weighing in at a staggering 80.46 grams, you save 131.54 grams, compared to 212 grams for a standard Sea Dweller. Check out to see more of designs timeless pieces or follow them @diw_official to stay up to date with all of their latest projects and news.

Written in partnership with The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine