The Vrzic Family Helps Other Families Prosper

The Vrzic family strongly believes in the concept of philanthropy. When possible, they love to engage in charitable causes to help people. Some people chase success, but for the Vrzic family, the chase is about helping others.

Marko Vrzic, Principal at Vrzic, a Real Estate Investment Group, is set to receive the honor of the best landlord for his innovative real estate strategies and solutions. Over the last few years, Marko and his wife Kayan Vrzic had gained the reputation of being one of the most generous landlords in his vicinity. For the last several years, he and his family have been helping the local communities in their redevelopment projects by expanding the focus from single-family assets to multifamily properties.

Marko Vrzic and The Vrzic Philanthropy Group

Through Marko and Kayan’s efforts, they helped raise funds for hundreds of students to enroll in computer programming classes and sponsor their total tuition fees. They also helped over 200+ underprivileged school students to gain access to basic computer skills.

Marko Vrzic often says, “There’s definitely a place in hell for people who make a lot of money and don’t help others.”

They’re constantly raising funds to help students understand real-life economics, an undervalued and underfunded topic. Over 1,300 students participated in this enriching experience, which was immensely helpful for their future needs.

Marko Vrzic single-handedly contributed to teaching over 2000+ adolescent students to understand the nitty-gritty of building generational wealth that will create their empires.

Kayan Vrzic’s Philosophy

Like Marko, Kayan Vrzic is equally dedicated to bringing a qualitative change in the lives of people around her. She is currently the Managing Director of Vrzic with over 15-years of experience in real estate dealings. She is passionate about transforming ugly real estate properties into class A assets to make them one of the best places to live in. She has been improving the lives of families by giving them an option of affordable living in class A properties through her meticulous management.

Kayan Vrzic firmly believes, “Put your mouth where your money is. Everything we achieved is to make a difference in the lives of others.”

The most interesting fact about the Vrzic family is their humility, down-to-earth attitude, and generosity. They always prioritized the importance of building charities that will make an economic impact on the lives of others.

The Future Ahead

The Vrzic family continues to purchase and renovate B and C class apartment buildings. Their business operations spread across several US states, including Arizona, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Ohio, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, and Texas. The couple believes in the concept of redeveloping underdeveloped areas to build a stronger community, and they know that the community will thrive in helping each other succeed. They found a strategic way to remain recession and pandemic proof, making them highly influential in the multifamily world.

Written in partnership with Luxury Lifestyle Magazine