See How HGBags Online Thrives Through Nearly Two Decades Of Online Retail

HGBags has garnered strong customer loyalty through its enduring online presence, which traces back to 2002, on eBay. Since then, HGBags prides itself on the authenticity of its inventory and the professionalism with which it sets out to treat each and every customer.

Erica Breining

Photo Credit: HG Bags Online

Erica Breining, founder and owner of HGBags recently spoke to Haute Living about how her company has not only endured, but thrived throughout almost two decades of online retail.

Haute Living: While the online entrepreneurial spirit is commonplace now a days, it certainly was not back in 2002. What led you to take on this venture back then?

Erica Breining: I was working full time as a chemical engineer at IBM out of college and starting selling my own designer items on eBay.  It started to take off pretty quickly and I was immediately enamored with the idea of making a living out of selling products that I really loved, like designer bags and shoes. They say, ‘pick something you’re interested in and with the right drive and determination, you’ll be successful,’ and it was true.  In my early days of selling, I quickly became known for sourcing the hottest Balenciaga bags when no one else could get them under retail price – that was the hot trend back then. My name quickly spread on the Purse Forum as a trusted seller for the brand and then it all spiraled from there!


HL: What do you identify as the biggest change in the luxury handbag market since you launched your business?

EB: The competition has grown tremendously with the rise of social media. Many sellers can get into the business now with little capital investment, through a website, or without having to carry a large inventory. Not only are there so many more sellers online to compete with, but the consignment side of the business has become much more challenging as most consumers have access to Facebook groups and the like, where they can sell their own items for a pretty fair price quickly.


HL: To what would you credit your continued success over such a long period of time?

EB: My relationships with the boutiques that I buy from are crucial to this success. I am able to pre-order some of the most sought-after current season styles at the best prices. Another contributor to our success is that we guarantee items are authentic. Our strong customer service does not hurt either. I have made wonderful relationships over the years with many clients, as well as all my followers on social media.


HL: What would be the handbag embodiment of HGBags Online? In other words, which luxury handbag is just a go-to and can do no wrong and stands the test of time?

EB: We love Lady Dior as the ultimate classic, time and time again. We pride ourselves on our Dior selection at the best prices.


HL: Where do you see HGBags Online five years from now?

EB: Continuing to do what we do best – offer the latest and greatest hard-to-find and most sought-after luxury pieces under retail prices. We look forward to expanding to new brands and offering more selection, which has been requested by our clients.