Breakthrough Luxury Artist Johnathan Schultz Receives Critical Acclaim In Miami Art Basel

Johnathan Schultz is celebrating the launch of his first major U.S. exhibition which has received critical acclaim, headlining the Le Art Noir, Diversity in Color event during Art Basel Miami Beach.

Johnathan Schultz

Photo Credit:  Hiro Ueno

Out of the Darkness’ opened at a stunning VIP preview event attended by over 500 guests from the art and local community at the African Heritage Cultural Center at the heart of the less visited area of Liberty City, Miami. On show for the first time were one-of-a-kind cultural iconography from around the world combined with the spellbinding beauty of diamonds, including a fingerprint containing over 9,000 diamonds and a showstopping 10ft multi-tiered diamond pendant chandelier constructed from a section of high security fencing from Robben Island.

Schultz also donated a multi-layered gold basketball piece to event sponsors Hennessy for their ‘Unfinished Business’ initiative, which went on display within the sponsor lounge throughout the four-day exhibition.

With over 100 diamond and precious metal art pieces on show within the three gallery spaces, the must-see exhibits included two of the largest diamond art pieces crafted in the 21st Century – the ‘Out of the Darkness’ Diamond Fingerprint and ‘Refraction of a Legacy’ Diamond Chandelier.

Photo Credit: Hiro Ueno

‘Out of the Darkness’ Diamond fingerprint –Taken from the exhibition title, ‘Out of the Darkness’ is derived from Mandela’s fingerprints. This truly stunning art piece radiates with 9,225 diamonds set in 18 carat white gold coming in at 895 carats. The Round Brilliant cut stones are Color G/H and Clarity VS plus, creating a captivating, alternative perspective on the remarkable legacy and story of South Africa’s first democratically elected President.

‘Refraction of a Legacy’ Diamond Chandelier – on show for the first time in Miami, ‘Refraction of a Legacy’ is constructed from metal fencing recovered from Robben Island, the maximum-security prison used in the Apartheid years and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The chandelier stands at an imposing 10ft tall, comprising five circular layers with cascades of diamonds. The diamonds themselves represent the hope and light we have in ourselves, with the structure signifying light breaking through the fence that once imprisoned others.

“Refraction of a Legacy”

Photo Credit:  Hiro Ueno

Other popular pieces which captured visitors’ imaginations included Johnathan’s collaborations on show for the first time. These included 23 carat gold on acrylic representations of Nelson and Winnie Mandela which was created by Schultz with graffiti artist Mr. Cenz, along with ‘The Legend’ – acrylic on canvas, 23 carat gold and diamond piece which was a partnership between Schultz and Helio Bray.

All diamonds and precious metals used by Schultz are responsibly sourced in the U.S.

Johnathan Schultz commented, “The response to my first major exhibition in the United States has been mind-blowing – to be able to share ‘Out of the Darkness’ at Le Art Noir brings the pieces context within a space to create unity and hope. Visitors were really connecting with the messages of the art and to personally hear the connections they were making was such a special experience. Alongside the other talented artists who were on display, I was honored to bring art to a community that tends to be forgotten during the glamour of Art Basel Miami.”

The inaugural Le Art Noir, Diversity in Color was a unique multicultural collaboration of artists from around the globe showcasing innovative exhibitions that capture the heartbeat of our society. The art exhibition provided a platform for artists to challenge the boundaries on issues that plague today’s world. The exhibition took place at the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center, 6161 NW 22nd Avenue Miami, FL 33142.