Jay Exclusive Company Knows What Clients Want Before The Clients Themselves Do



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Jérôme Noumédor, better known as Jay, has earned a reputation around the world as someone who can predict your wants and needs before you even realize what you want, or need.

Jay, who was raised in Geneva, Switzerland, began an event planning business back in 2012. Over the years, this business expanded into what is now one of the most esteemed global concierge services, Jay Exclusive Company. Jay recently sat down with Haute Living to share his impressive story.


Haute Living: What led you to work in the event planning industry? 

Jérôme Noumédor: I was always interested in booking and parties and planning big events. I have always been interested in working with celebrities and notable figures in high society. So, I started working private events, parties for certain brands I had connections with, and we began working with palaces in Geneva and footballers. Eventually, we began expanding our services throughout Europe. So, I started the business in Geneva, we expanded throughout Europe and then went globally, toward Dubai and America.

HL: What sets Jay Exclusive apart from other concierge services?

JN: Most luxury concierge services are the same and provide very similar services. What sets us apart is the new app I developed, which gives us the upper hand. Almost every other luxury concierge service only operates by e-mail or by phone. The difference with the app, is that we have access to the client directly. Often times, for example, if you want to speak to. footballer, we have to first contact the agent or the lawyer and it creates barriers in communication. With the app, we speak directly try with the client at all times.

The app has been available since February of this year wherever you download your apps. Simply search Jay Exclusive Company and you’re set.

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HL: What vision do you have for the future of your company?

JN: We want to continue to expand to more and more countries. I am currently in talks to begin operations in Hong Kong. Asia has been a continent we have not been able to penetrate, but fortunately, I met this gentleman at Cannes Film Festival and Hong Kong seems to be the first step for us in Asia.

HL: What have been some of the biggest challenges you have faced since starting your business?

JN: COVID-19 was a big challenge. Because the world tried returning to some semblance of normalcy, we saw the return of many of the big events like Roland-Garros and others. However, there is so much we had to do on our part, to adapt to the new circumstances. In Europe, rapid tests are not as readily-available ahead of these major events as they might be in America. It does not matter whether you’re rich or a celebrity, you might have to wait up to one hour in line to get tested.

Fortunately, our app helped tremendously with this. As I have mentioned, with the app, communication is quicker and more efficient, so it allows us to prepare for each client in their corresponding unique way ahead of time depending on what they fill out in their form found within their app profile. We also have a partnership with hospital clinics around Europe, which certainly facilitates this process further.


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HL: Would you say you developed this attention to detail during the years you worked in event planning?

JN: Yes, I think so. However, event planning and luxury concierge service are both different things. With event planning, you’re only thinking about the larger picture. How many people are attending? How many women? How many men? Which clients will be attending? What brands are sponsoring the event? But with individual concierge services, you need to know all these details and more for each individual client.

For example, if a client is heading to Paris on vacation, an average concierge service would transport them to the city and arrange for their reception and that’s all. I do not operate like that. So, the client is going to Paris. I think, “okay, what do they want to do in the city? What major events are taking place at that given time of year? Are they interested in sports? If so, let’s arrange tickets for a Paris Saint-Germain match.” This is the sort of thinking we have to develop. We have to know more than the client knows about themselves in order to be prepared.


Photo Credit: @neskokevin.official

JN: If I may, I would also like to add one more challenge I have had to overcome. Being a Black man in this industry is not easy because it is so rare. There have probably been very few Black men or women in the position I am today. I grew up in a small town outside of Geneva, where there were few enough people in the community that allowed everyone to know how I was and they trusted me. This helped a lot once I moved to Geneva. However, when you go abroad to other countries, unfortunately, I am not granted the same amount of trust.

This was another leading reason to develop the app. Because I cannot offer the same services the next company offers. I have to provide something else, something extra. I have to go above and beyond just to be on the same playing field.

It’s easy to get new clients in this industry, but it’s hard to keep them. I constantly have to think outside of the box and develop new strategies that will distinguish my company from the rest.


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