Founder Of Exotics On Las Olas, Floyd Raglin, Speaks With Haute Living Ahead Of Fourth Annual Showcase

With the esteemed ‘Exotics on Las Olas’ set to return for its fourth annual showcase, automotive enthusiasts from all over the country are expected to flock toward South Florida to enjoy some of the rarest and most unique vehicles in the country.

Photo Credit: Zucker Lewis Media Group

“This all started because of Supercar Saturdays,” admits Floyd Raglin, founder of Exotics on Las Olas. The former Miami Dolphins wide receiver has always been a car enthusiast. Additionally, Floyd has always had a passion for bringing people together. Began to cultivate both of these passions at his Lamborghini Broward dealership, through what is now known as Super Car Saturdays. Floyd used his connections and relationships and developed a ritual where folks from all over South Florida would meet art his dealership, and display their exotic super cars. “It got to a point where we didn’t have any more room in our lot to display all of the cars, and to this day, there will be a line from the highway with folks wanting to get in,” says Floyd.

Thus, began the birth of Exotics on Las Olas. The premier exotic car showcase of Florida features some of the rarest vehicles from around the world, displayed along Fort Lauderdale’s Las Olas Blvd. This year’s showcase is set to take place on Sunday, November 7th, from 11am ET to 4pm ET, with the gracious support from the City of Fort Lauderdale.

Floyd Raglin

Photo Credit: Floyd Raglin

While Exotics on Las Olas is set to host over 250 vehicles from a highly-curated collection, there is a humbles aspect to the event that has Floyd loving what he does and always coming back for more.

“There’ something really special about the atmosphere at Exotics on Las Olas. Guys with some of the most expensive cars are just hanging out and letting kids touch the car and appreciate the vehicle. Or maybe one American Muscle fanatic is talking shop with a race car enthusiast. It’s just great to see the connection between all of these different groups of people because at the end of the day, we’re all just car lovers.”Floyd Insists, “Exotics on las Olas is for everybody!”

Floyd Raglin and Tyson Beckford

Photo Credit: Floyd Raglin

While Floyd will be the first to admit that he loves what he does, he is also keenly aware that there is room to grow. “We’re actually running out of room to host the event in Las Olas Blvd., believe it or not. I’m looking into other venues for the future,” says Floyd.

“Speaking of other venues, Floyd also revealed that he will be bringing a high-luxury Concourse d’Elegance to South Florida, similar to the annual showcase held at Quail during Pebble Beach Car Week. “I’ve been to Car Week multiple times – especially Quail Motorsports Gathering – and every time I’m there, I always see car people from South Florida. So, I figured, why doesn’t Florida have its own version of a high-end automotive showcase?”

Next year, the Motorcar Cavalcade will be launching at the JW Marriot Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa, January 29th & 30th. However, this will be different from Exotics on Las Olas. “This event will be for the real car collectors and enthusiasts,” says Floyd. “This is a whole other level.” Consider the Motorcar Cavalcade to be a trendy garden-party for some of the rarest, exclusive cars in the world. Tickets are set to start at $600 per person. Floyd will certainly have more to say about this new top of the line showcase as the date approaches.

For now, it’s all about Exotics on Las Olas. Sunday, November 7th from 11am ET to 4pm ET, live out your car dreams and get to know a few fellow-car enthusiasts as well!