Building Personal Brands And Creating Significant Partnerships – How Luke Cervino Connects Athletes With Major Brands


When it comes to self-representation and personal branding in the current era, social media has laid everything out in both the consumer and influencer’s reach, but with all of this potential power, one faux pas can yield to a fatal flaw for a rising or established career. Especially in the world of sports, where major athletes stand blinded before the gaze of millions, branding and both social media and business strategy expertise are the crucial keys to establishing, and retaining, an effective athlete/influencer image.

After founding his agency in 2019, A1A Media, at 26-years-old, Luke Cervino has served as a talented and celebrated media company founder, representative of a-list athletes and influencers, entrepreneur, collector, and investor. A1A Media provides marketing and management services, endorsement deals, public relations advising, and specializes in social media and branding. Cervino is the missing piece of prowess that promotes the success of his clients. The New Jersey native is now based in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area and has reached nearly 50,000 followers on his own, self-titled Instagram. Cervino focuses on enhancing the personal brands of those whom he represents by cultivating strategic relationships and partnerships between his clients and established companies/organizations that share similar visions, goals, and alignments. 

Cervino brings energy, creativity, and motivation to his line of work, and his undeniable passion for and understanding of athletics, due to his own sports-centered background and upbringing, is utilized in his current career even though Cervino himself is no longer seen on the court. The self-starting and enthusiastic branding specialist partnered with former NBA champion, Kendrick Perkins, in order to jumpstart his brand-building, athlete-advertising career. The two became acquainted through Perkins’ teammate, and NBA Hall of Famer, Kevin Garnett. Cervino flexed his mental muscles in order to strategize and facilitate Perkins’ transition into his post-professional sports analyst career. Perkins credits Cervino with the immense growth of his social media following and overall presence, and with the inception of his online persona and brand. Due to Cervino’s active behind-the-scenes strategizing, Perkins now presents himself as a knowledgeable and blunt sports analyst. Still working with Perkins, as his business manager and marketing agent, Cervino has proved his own talent, competence, and enthusiasm for sports business strategy. Cervino’s innovative digital firm, A1A Media, has grown tremendously and currently provides its services to several other top-tier athletes and media moguls/influencers. 

Luke Cervino

Through an organized and systematic methodology, as well as true grit, aptitude, and fervor for what he’s working on, Luke Cervino has been able to achieve paramount success even through moments of uncertainty. A1A Media has overcome various obstacles in the past two years and now serves to productively connect influential athletes with brands that are actively interested in influencer partnerships. Cervino first strategizes to formulate the ideal personal image for his existing athletic and influencer clients, then scouts to find companies and brands, in need of partnership, who have an audience that aligns with the values and persona of the influencer/athlete in mind. Cervino cultivates these prolific influencer-brand connections creating a functional and mutually beneficial fit. 

Cervino certainly has a flair for strategy and branding, as well as an evident entrepreneurial spirit. A1A Media has established itself as a company to continue to watch, and will only keep growing from here! 

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