Rechelle Balanzat of Juliette Cleaners Promises Not To Wash and Tell


Rechelle Balanzat

Photo Credit: Juliette Cleaners

Juliette Cleaners is based in New York and provides premium laundry and dry cleaning services. Clients use the Juliette app to request a laundry pickup. From there, Juliette offers cleaning and return within their service, all within 24 hours, seven days a week. Each garment is cared for and beautifully packaged from the company’s flagship location on the Upper West Side.

Owner and founder, Rechelle Balanzat, recently sat down with Haute Living to discuss her vision for Juliette Cleaners.

Haute Living: What was the “aha!” moment which led to the launch of Juliette?

Rechelle Belenzat: It was around 2012 or 2013. I was using Seamless a lot for food delivery. I was also calling my local cleaner to pickup & deliver my clothes. Sometimes they would come, sometimes they wouldn’t. The quality and customer service was inconsistent – that’s when I had my “aha!” moment. I thought to myself, “why isn’t there an app that picks up and delivers clothes?!

Juliette Cleaners App

Photo Credit: Juliette Cleaners

HL: How would you describe Juliette to a potential customer who may not understand how technology with a service such as dry cleaning?

RB: Our service is simple and straightforward. We pickup, clean and deliver clothes within 24 hours. Clients use our app to request a pickup, and after we collect their garments, we clean them and send an e-mail receipt before promptly returning their clean clothes.

HL: Explain how Juliette might be more environmentally conscious than other dry cleaners.

RB: Sustainability has always been one of our core values. Since 2017, we have been organic and do not use any harmful chemicals in our cleaning process. In an effort to reduce the use of plastic, we introduced reusable garment bags back in 2015. These bags are made from recycled materials and can be reused to hold garments for pickup and delivery. Being environmentally conscious can also be very fashionable. We also ditched the wire hangers in lieu of black velvet hangers.

Juliette flagship store

Photo Credit: Juliette Cleaners

HL: What do you believe your clients find to be most appealing about Juliette?

RB: One of the reasons our clients love us is for our discretion. As the saying goes, ‘never air out your dirty laundry.’ However, in our line of work, we make it our business to see all of your dirty laundry! One of our clients described us as, “…my best Butler. A very good one. The kind that keeps secrets.”

Why do our clients love us? Simple – dirty laundry secrets. We don’t wash and tell…

HL: What is your vision for the future of Juliette?

RB: Our goal has always been to become a category leader in laundry and dry cleaning. We believe we can accomplish this through our app, our technology and our branding. Our unique approach allows to be everywhere without being anywhere. Think about what Starbucks did for coffee, or what Amazon did for retail.

We want to be the first recognizable brand in laundry and dry cleaning.


To learn more about Juliette Cleaners and setup your next dry cleaning pick-up, CLICK HERE to visit their website.