Lindsey Vonn On Health, Wellness + New Beginnings

Lindsey VonnPhoto Credit: Dan Campbell

Lindsey Vonn is putting the past behind her and focusing on the future — and that includes the dumpster fire that was 2020. The Olympic champion and World Cup Alpine Ski racer — who retired from the sport in 2018 — is making moves towards a future in ski accessory design by collaborating with long-time partners Red Bull and Briko on her first post-career helmet. The limited edition Vulcano “RB LVF FIS 6.8” meets the highest safety standards an athlete could expect: a World Cup helmet with FIS 6.8 certification, the most rigorous in terms of safety, also featuring the Protetto Briko System, which thanks to its flexible and sturdy ABS shell at the back, reduces the seriousness of possible head traumas due to accidents on the slopes (which was introduced, incidentally, after Vonn herself had a skiing accident). The helmet is also a collaboration with her Lindsey Vonn Foundation, a non profit organization established by her to support future women worldwide. The royalties earned from the helmet’s release will be entirely donated to the foundation, bringing forth a new opportunity to strengthen the athlete’s message to all girls: to make their dreams come true through hard work and dedication, on the ski slopes and in their life. Here, the 36-year-old athlete discusses the future, new beginnings and what she’s learned from the past.

Lindsey VonnPhoto Credit: Dan Campbell

How did it feel to collaborate with your long-term partners, Briko and Red Bull, on this helmet, especially as it is your first post-career helmet?

It was amazing working with Briko and Red Bull. As always, I am so happy to be working with them and designing something new. I love being part of the creative process. It means a lot to me to still be able to contribute and be a part of the ski world even if I’m not racing anymore.

What was it like sharing your own experiences with the Briko team to help develop safer technology?

Well, Briko knows by now that safety is a big issue when designing a helmet for me! I crash a lot so I’m really strict when it comes to safety on the mountain and I know Briko took all of that into consideration when developing the new Protteto System.

Can you tell us how important it was for you to have the royalties earned benefit your foundation, the Lindsey Vonn Foundation?

For me, the royalties going to my foundation is the cherry on top when buying this helmet. Briko and Red Bull’s willingness to work with me to give scholarships and put on camps for kids makes this more than a helmet–it’s sleek, it’s safe, and all for a good cause.

Tell us a bit about the helmet and its design.

This is a special helmet because it’s limited edition and my first post-career helmet. I like that there’s a nod to the classic Red Bull helmet but in the new “Ferrari” blue.

Do you think this will lead to other design collaborations in the future? What interests you if so?

I definitely love being part of these collaborations and hope to be able to design more helmets in the future. I’m still trying to put Lucy’s face somewhere on the helmet–maybe for a kids helmet?

This year, it was particularly important to keep yourself healthy. What are some tips you can share for how you keep healthy and physically fit?

This was a tough year, even for someone like me who’s extremely disciplined. I think the best tip I could give is to try to do something active at least once a day. You can get really creative with exercises without any expensive equipment. This summer I was lifting two big jugs of water for my weights or I put towels under my feet and did lunges. It’s important to exercise not only for your body but to help you stay positive, too.

What are you most grateful for this year?

My friends and family. This year was a very reflective time for me–and hopefully for others, too. It put into perspective what’s important. For me, that’s family and health.

Will you be happy to see the backside of 2020? Or was there anything good (besides this collaboration) that came from this year?

I actually think 2020, as horrible as it was, was a really important and significant year. We faced major issues that need to be addressed–from inequality to global warming. I hope we can learn and grow from 2020 and use it to build a better future.

Where are your favorite places to ski in the States?

I’ve always been a fan of the Colorado mountains but now that I’ve settled down in Park City, I really love it there, too. I’ll have to use this winter to explore more mountains.