How The New Lunya Pop-Up At The Grove Is Redefining The “Good In Bed” Concept

LunyaPhoto Credit: Lunya

This month, luxury sleepwear brand Lunya is popping up at The Grove with the intention of showing shoppers what “good in bed” really means.

The brand, the brainchild of founder and CEO Ashley Merrill, is a bid to make women feel both comfortable and confident, with materials that focus on washable silks for the ultimate nighttime experience.

And now, with the new pop-up Merrill refers to as “The Bedroom,” the Santa Monica-based brand is offering an immersive dream experience that is sure to evoke calm. But you’ll have to read on to find out what that means…

LunyaPhoto Credit: Lunya

What is Lunya and what drove you to start this multi-million dollar brand?

I started Lunya because I could relate to the customer, in fact, I was the customer. I was beginning to look and feel like I was totally letting myself go when I got home from work. As I started enjoying being home more, I wanted to feel like my best self while still being comfortable. Ironically, I am also a horrible sleeper and would be pissed when I was woken up by something avoidable – sweating, shorts riding up, etc. building Lunya meant I could tackle these two at once and elevate the home experience.

Why did you decide to do a pop-up at The Grove?

We have a large audience base in our home city of Los Angeles and despite being geographically close, many people love their lives on one side of the 405 or another (I know I certainly do). We wanted to bring the Lunya experience closer to home for those who live on the other side of town.

What will shoppers find here that they can’t find anywhere else?

On Feb 7 and 8 they will get to experience the Lunya Dream escape art installation. I’ve always been fascinated with dream state art and this should be an amazing experience for those who are lucky enough to go inside.

LunyaPhoto Credit: Lunya

What pieces will you be featuring in your pop-up store?

Our pop-up will have most of the pieces from our collection– definitely fan favorites like the washable silk set and washable silk button down pant set.

Are Rick Caruso and his family fans of the brand?

Caruso’s team has invited us to join many of their centers so I can assume they are fans! I know we are definitely fans of how they are approaching retail in a direct to consumer world.

LunyaPhoto Credit: Lunya

Is that how the pop-up at this specific location came to be?

We have been in contact with Caruso about a number of their centers, recognizing a strong overlap in audiences, and when this opportunity became available we all felt this would be an exciting opportunity that we couldn’t pass up.

What makes Lunya a fit for luxury lovers?

Prioritizing yourself and making time for wellness is a luxury. Lunya and Lahgo customers are bringing intentionality to their home experience in a way that is all about luxury.

Will Lahgo, Lunya’s male counterpart, be making an appearance?

Yes Lahgo, our newest brand, will be making a small appearance.

LunyaPhoto Credit: Lunya

LunyaPhoto Credit: Lunya