Top Six Luxury Gifts For The Wine Lover In Your Life—Or The Wine Lover In You

Following the recent launch of our Haute Wine Society platform, here is a hand-picked and curated luxury gift guide for the wine lover in your life—or for the wine lover in you. Check out some of the top picks below.

I recently featured this gorgeous Louis Vuitton wine case on our main holiday gift guide, which comes with two crystal wine glasses and is customizable in alligator skin, at an additional cost. It’s a really nice addition to the wine enthusiast’s collection, and when closed and unused at home, actually makes a really nice décor piece, as well. It’s perfect for those occasions when taking wine on-the-go, whether on a trip or to that special Sunday night/date night spot for just the two of you.

$7,800 — click here for more information or to purchase

Louis Vuitton wine holder

Photo Credit: Louis Vuitton


Now this is a truly exceptional piece. For the Champagne lover in your life—in particular, the Dom Pérignon lover—this special collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Dom Pérignon is a must-have. This special trunk is an ode to the founders of each respective House—Louis Vuitton and Dom Pérignon—both in regards to French history and tradition. The compartmented storage case has space for up to three bottles of Dom Pérignon, six crystal glasses and caviar accessories—all of the necessities for the perfect champagne pairing experience. It can also be customized with the buyer’s initials for extra personalization, and in Monogram Eclipse Canvas, it even matches some of your most coveted bottles of Dom Pérignon. 

Price upon request — call 1-866-VUITTON for purchase inquiries

Louis Vuitton x Dom Perignon champagne case

Photo Credit: Louis Vuitton


In business since 1586, to say that Saint-Louis knows luxury crystal is an understatement. Now part of the Hermès group for almost 25 years, pictured here are the Oxymore Wine Decanter—designed by the House’s artisans located in both their opposing-tempered Hot and Cold workshops in France—and the Folia Wine Decanter—designed by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, over the course of 30 months. Though Saint-Louis does offer a whole slew of more eye-catching/decorative shapes for decanters, I prefer the Oxymore and the Folia, due to their simpler shapes, as well as their wide bases, which will allow for increased movement and breathability in the wine they house. 

Priced at $785 & $940 — click here for more information 

St. Louis Oxymore Wine Decanter

Photo Credit: St. Louis

St. Louis Folia Wine Decanter

Photo Credit: St. Louis


You really can’t go wrong with Baccarat. Since 1764, the House has successfully parlayed its way from crystalware to lighting, tableware and even restaurants and hotels in the hospitality space. Spoiled for choice in trying to make a selection from the House’s wide range of luxury wine items, I decided to go with this super luxe Champagne cooler, called the Harcourt Champagne Cooler, pictured here in the clear and gold color way. What I like in particular about this style is that it has two handles for ease of mobility, as well as the gold-and-clear coloring (silver and clear is also available, which has a more modern aesthetic).

Priced at $5,990 — click here for more information or to purchase

Baccarat Harcourt Champagne Cooler, $5,990

Photo Credit: Palast

This is the wine accessory you never knew you needed. Am I the only one who is bothered to see an unattended cork just awkwardly left at the dining table? I may very well be, but regardless, it’d be nice to have a dedicated accessory for holding a wine cork. I love that this Lalique version holds three, for those who like to compare the flavor notes of each wine from cork to nose. Handcrafted in France, the 100 POINTS collection is a collaboration between the House and wine critic James Suckling, marrying modern design with rich heritage, as well as the always high quality craftsmanship for which Lalique is known.

Priced at $250 — click here for more information or to purchase

lalique 100 POINTS 3 corks holder

Photo Credit: Lalique


Prior to expanding my wine knowledge to the level where it currently resides—though the knowledge is ever-expanding—I thought all wine glasses were created equal. That was until I met my first Zalto Denk’Art glass, at The Meadowood property in Napa Valley, California, and then again a few years later at Hiden Sushi in Miami’s Wynwood area. Each glass is so delicate and light as a feather, you almost feel that the slightest touch will result in a heart-breaking crack or chip. Between the incredibly thin stem and glass itself, as well as the varietal-specific bowl shapes, each glass is truly, a beautiful work of art. The bowls are actually developed to coincide with the angles at which our planet Earth angles itself, with specific 24-, 48- and 72-degree angles. Somehow, this optimizes the wine’s tasting notes—and it really does. Insider tip: surprisingly, it’s best if the glasses are washed in the dishwasher rather than by hand, which adds too much pressure to the bowl and causes breaks. I unfortunately learned this the hard way, after the first use of my first Zalto Denk’Art wine glass purchase. Just be sure that there’s enough space between glasses inside the dishwasher and that minimal detergent is used. 

Priced at $61 (Bordeaux – above) & $63 (Burgundy – below) each; click here for more information

Zalto Bordeaux Glass

Photo Credit: WinemongerZalto Burgundy Glass

Photo Credit: Winemonger

Of course, as every true wine lover and enthusiast knows—like our Haute Wine Society members—though the luxury wine gifts are beautiful and lovely, the most important thing about enjoying fine wine, beyond the wine itself, is the company with which you enjoy it. So enjoy and savor each and every sip, creating memories that last a life time with loved ones.