Gloria Gebbia Talks Purchase Of Siebert Financial And New Miami Office

Up until the mid-1960s, Wall Street was a man’s club, but that was before Muriel Faye Siebert—also known as the first woman of finance—secured a seat on the New York Stock Exchange. “She was not just a powerful woman, but she had such a belief that she wanted to be equal to the men on Wall Street,” says Gloria Gebbia, Controlling Shareholder and board member of Siebert Financial. “Even today, she has a dedicated hall on the New York Stock Exchange.”

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Gebbia’s family had a long-standing relationship with Siebert, which factored largely into the purchasing of Siebert Financial. “Over the years, my family and I had many conversations with her about partnering together,” Gebbia says. And she continues to honor Siebert’s distinguished achievements at the John Wayne Cancer Institute gala. “We felt that there was a real opportunity to carry on her legacy, her name and the company,” she notes.

Along with Gebbia’s personal achievements in finance, her family holds a reputation for success on Wall Street. “My husband and I have always been in finance,” Gebbia says. Her first break on Wall Street was primarily in banking. “I put in a job application when I graduated from school and secured my first job in banking, but at this time there were not many positions open for women,” she recalls.

Photo Credit: Romain Maurice

According to Gebbia, females were limited to positions involving secretarial or clerical duties, rather than management positions, which were assigned to men at that time. “If you look at today’s workplace, you can see how much that has changed over the past several years,” Gebbia notes, adding, “Muriel Siebert’s impact and brand was an influence to women of Wall Street, and it’s definitely a name and a brand to believe in.”

Siebert Financial has been established for over 50 years, serving clients in California, New Jersey, New York and Miami. Gebbia noted that the company’s personal attention given to clients is one of the main reasons Siebert Financial has succeeded and continues to grow. “Our approach and belief system are similar to Siebert’s, and with our relationship always being there, it seemed like a natural fit to acquire Siebert Financial” she says.

In 1967, Siebert obtained her seat on the New York Stock Exchange, and a few years later she was named Superintendent of Banks for the State of New York, regulating about $500 billion in bank assets. It was the most senior position given to a woman at the time. Today, under the direction of Gebbia at Siebert Financial, a new generation of women enters into finance, dedicated to its members, shareholders and strategic partners.

“The services Siebert Financial offers is tailored to providing financial advantages to the client,” Gebbia says.

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With offices in Beverly Hills, New Jersey and Miami, Gebbia plans to expand in Miami, in particular, looking for more opportunities in South Florida and Southeast Florida, where a large portion of clientele reside. reside. “One of the main reasons for expanding to Miami was to cater to our large clientele base already there; which is why we opened an office in the Miami Design District,” Gebbia explains.

The Siebert offices are convenient for clients who can walk in and experience the customer service Siebert Financial is known for. “The goal was to be accessible, which is why she chose the Design District over a typical Brickell office tower,” she says.

“We had a grand opening in June, and it was simply amazing,” she recalls. “The response from our Miami clients, the Miami chamber and the Design District was outstanding. We had hundreds of attendees who came out to see our beautiful Miami office. It helped us re-establish a presence in the Miami area.”

According to Gebbia, “Our longtime clients were excited to meet the new generation behind Siebert Financial,” she says.

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As for the business, Gebbia says that she would like to keep it in the family, especially with 10 grandchildren and sons who could all inherit the company and take over someday. “As times change, the company will change too, navigating through an ever-changing market place,” she notes.

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Besides the family business, Gebbia has a philanthropic heart, particularly with her involvement with the John Wayne Cancer Institute Gala. “All the funds raised go directly to research. Anybody working on it volunteers their money or their time to it.”

Gebbia has honored Siebert many times at her events as the President of the Associates for Breast and Prostate Cancer Research Studies. “I’ve been the President for close to 21 years now and have raised almost $15 million for breast and prostate cancer research,” she says. “This year I am especially Proud and Honored to award The Muriel Siebert Women of Power Award to Eva Longoria.”

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As a female in a mainly male-dominated industry, Gebbia rose to the top, despite the odds. “Don’t let anybody say you can’t or shouldn’t do something,” Gebbia maintains. “If it’s your dream, then nothing should stop you. I tell my children and my grandchildren the same thing: Always go after your dreams because if you believe in something, you should go for it.”