Exclusive Interview With Executive Chef Jude Parra-Sickels Of David Chang’s Majordomo In Los Angeles

Upon its arrival into Los Angeles, Majordomo quickly became one of the city’s hotspots, bringing out the most discerning of Hollywood foodies. The restaurant is one of Chef and Founder David Chang’s latest ventures in the restaurant world, who rose to global culinary fame being the mastermind behind one of the most coveted names in Asian-American cuisine: Momofuku.

Majordomo Bar

Photo Credit: Molly Matalon

With restaurants in key global cities like New York, Toronto and Sydney, Majordomo is certainly rising in the ranks as one of the most popular, with mouthwatering dishes like the Cave Aged Butter & White Sturgeon Caviar, the Uni & Tofu, the Bounty Bowl, the Whole Steamed Rockfish and the Crispy Pork Belly. But it is of course, the two special, standout dishes that seem to get the most attention—namely on the restaurant’s tagged photo page on its Instagram account—the Boneless Chuck Short Rib braised with Asian pear and daikon, served with rice cakes, sweet potato and raclette; and the Whole Plate Short Rib, smoked bone-in APL-style ribs, served with beef rice, shiso, rice paper, ssämjang and condiments, for which you must inquire 24 hours in advance to confirm availability.

If you haven’t been able to score a table (or even a seat) at Majordomo yet, don’t fret! The restaurant has recently launched its weekend lunch program, with an equally delectable lineup of dishes, which includes Grilled Whole Stripe Bass, Grilled Dduk Galbi, and a fan favorite, Fried Chicken with pickles, bing rolls and condiments.

So who brings these tantalizing tastes to life? None other than Executive Chef Jude Parra-Sickels. Here, I sit with Parra-Sickels to discuss the restaurant, the culinary experience he hopes to provide, and the Los Angeles food scene as a whole.

Bounty Bowl, Stuffed Peppers, Eggs & Smoked Roe, Chickpea & Uni

Photo Credit: Andrew Bezek

Tell me about Majordomo, in your own words.

It’s a place where we want people to feel right at home, but also know that they are going to be surprised at every turn.

You’ve had an impressive amount of experience at restaurants A-Frame, POT and The Cannibal. How did all of that experience help you at Majordomo?

I established a close connection to the dining scene here in LA working for Roy. He is so interwoven into the fabric of LA and I gained a solid understanding of how people like to eat here, what works and what doesn’t work. On the other hand, The Cannibal gave me the opportunity to be a part of an out-of-town group learning to adjust an existing concept to a new audience. Ultimately both experiences were equally important to my work at Majordomo, a place that has roots in NY while being dedicated to reflecting its location and the people that eat here.

Whole Plate Short Rib – smoked bone-in APL-style ribs with beef rice, shiso rice paper, ssamjang, condiments

Photo Credit: Andrew Bezek

What kind of dining and culinary experience do you hope to provide to the Majordomo guest?

We focus on making delicious food inspired by the varying people and cultures found in LA, and we bring these ideas together to create something that is both familiar and new. We also always work to highlight and utilize local seasonal product that shows the bounty of California.

What are some of your favorite dishes to make on the menu and why?

I love our tapioca lo mein tossed with garlic, chili oil, greens and topped with fried krill. On the menu since opening, it is inspired by a Cantonese dish with humble roots. It is a very simple dish and when it’s executed correctly it really sings and is absolutely delicious. But because it is so simple, if it’s off in the slightest, it becomes mediocre quickly. Precision is required with simplicity and it’s a great challenge for our cooks.

Fried Butterball Potatoes – salsa seca, peanuts

Photo Credit: Andrew Bezek

What is it about the LA culinary scene that makes it so special?

There are endless options for delicious and a ordablefood and I love that people out here seem to crave and seek out genuine food experiences.

For more information, please visit the restaurant’s website by clicking here.