High Fashion Meets Online Retail With Italian-Made Chaloka Ready To Wear Line

Chaloka is a women’s ready-to-wear fashion label hand-made in Italy that aims to bring back the essence of high fashion to the world of online retail. But for founder and CEO, Stephanie Chaloka, the brand is much more than a fashion label. The new fashion brand will focus on creating exclusive ready-to-wear spring/summer and fall/winter collections that portrait confidence, uniqueness and empowerment. 

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Chaloka

While other fashion brands and online retailers may gear towards the trends of the moment, i.e. the over saturation of neon items seen throughout most major collections today, Chaloka’s first resort collection will incorporate more of a classic and sophisticated approach with very clean and chic pieces based on minimalistic design and neutral colors.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Chaloka

“We’re not inspired by trends, instead we are deviating from [them] and building our own identity that inspires and empowers women,” Chaloka said.

The identity of the brand is rooted in Chaloka’s personal experience while in Miami when she wore one of the prototypes from the upcoming collection. While those around her looked at her outfit and wanted every detail from who designed it, where it was from, when it was releasing,  it was how she felt in the moment that made the most impact on the company’s identity.

“I felt confident, I felt empowered and unique. There was a bunch of people in the restaurant so I had this one in a million one of a kind moment,” Chaloka said. “[I thought to myself,] if I can make a brand and make other women feel like this, it will be extremely powerful. It’s the driving force of the brand and the background and it’s personality.”

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Chaloka

With the brand’s upcoming launch, Chaloka hopes to re-shape the way consumers and fashion enthusiasts look at high fashion and ready-to-wear fashion labels. Centered around curating a concept that boosts a woman’s self-confidence, Chaloka is more than just a fashion label, it is an attitude. 

“At the end of the day, we want the person’s aura and figure to come through the design and make them feel beautiful,” Chaloka said.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Chaloka

Chaloka will launch on Tuesday, June 11th at 10 a.m. EST.