Inside The 10th Annual Tour Of Southampton’s Historic Homes

If you’ve ever been to Southhampton, you would have noticed the towering hedges and heard of all the ravishing homes that lie beyond. It is probably what attracted celebrities such as Brooke Shields and Calvin Klein to the picturesque area. What if we told you, you could peek behind the hedges for a glimpse into the houses of a bygone era? Well, you can, and here’s how.

Celebrating a milestone 10th Anniversary, the Southampton History Museum’s Insider’s View House Tour offers visitors a rare opportunity to pass beyond the hedges and through the doors of some of the most historic residences in the Hamptons. From chic oceanfront homes to elegant dwellings in the heart of the village, each structure illustrates Southampton’s unique architectural history from colonial days to present. It’s not just the outside that impresses—inside, homes showcase stunning interiors furnished with flair, whether it be high-style contemporary, classic elegance or an eclectic approach that reflects the owner’s style. This early-season highlight is a favorite among design mavens and others who come in search of inspiration and a good time.

Courtesy Southampton History Museum

The tour, which is held June 1 from 1 pm to 4 pm, includes the museum’s Thomas Halsey Homestead, New York State’s oldest English-style house. Also on the agenda is the Windmill House, a picturesque homestead, loved by artists and photographers and the 1708 House, a storied structure with a part in the Revolutionary War, as well as several other historic structures. The tour will start with a kick-off toast at One Kings Lane and a champagne reception in the historic Rogers Mansion.

Funds raised during the event will support the Museum’s mission to preserve and promote the history and culture of Southhampton. Tickets start at $125/person and there are sponsorship options for those who want to support and help maintain Southhampton’s history. Sponsorships start at $500 to $10,000 and include benefits such as name and logo on promotional materials, exclusive events, courtesy tickets and more.