Tasya Teles Shares Secrets Of “The 100” Season Six

    Tasya Teles
Fans have been waiting in anticipation for the sixth season of the CW‘s post-apocalyptic drama “The 100”, and Tasya Teles, who currently stars as ‘Echo’ on the show (which returned April 30) is delivering the goods. We chatted with the Canadian-born actress about what’s in store for her character, the sixth season in general, and what she’s up to next.
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Tasya Teles
Let’s talk season six of “The 100.” What plot twists can we expect?

This planet brings new threats we’ve never seen before. All the characters face past demons and versions of themselves in a way they can’t escape. We are all forced to confront things we have otherwise been able to keep tucked away and hidden as secrets. The way these demons manifest in each character sets up incredible twists and turns. Some characters may not survive their own demons. Seeing who does and doesn’t is part of what makes season 6 so terrifying and incredible to watch.

What would you LIKE to see happen, in a perfect world?

I would love Echo to experience motherhood! Being a mother would open up her soul and her heart, in a way that would heal a lot of her trauma, and open her up. I think she would love it! And that baby would have the best body guard in the business.

Will you be returning for season 7?

If I last that long! “The 100” has a knack for sweeping, sudden, and indiscriminate character massacres. Its part of what makes the show so unpredictable and awesome.

Is there a little bit of Echo in you, or a lot? How, specifically?

I would say a little… I’m much more free-spirited, playful, and lighthearted than Echo. I’m also a bit of a klutz, which Echo definitely isn’t. She’s fierce, decisive, agile, and always be ready to fight if necessary. She’s a ninja. I’m just trying to make it from my car to my trailer without spilling my coffee. Curiosity is definitely something we have in common. Echo has this really sweet, inquisitive nature about her; an innocent curiosity for all the things she never got to experience when she was growing up. I would love to garden with her and just watch her. See what kind of questions she asks, and which flowers she’s drawn to. Though, she might hate gardening, and go carve some bow and arrows. Which is still pretty awesome.

Tasya Teles

Was your dream always to act?

It has always been my dream to act, though I tried to supress it for a long time because it seemed too distant a dream to actually attain. Though, without even knowing it, I think my subconscious was guiding me toward acting. I remember when I was 18 one of my mentors, only a few years older than me, had become a successful agent and asked me if I wanted to work in the office with her. I turned it down because my immediate gut reaction was: “I can’t become an agent because I might want to become an actress one day.” At the time I was studying accounting, and had no real plans to start a career in film and television. But the dream to act was like wallpaper on my mind. It just never went away.

What’s a fun and unique fact about you that is uniquely Tasya?

When I have a day off, me and my girlfriends hit up a reggae night and dance our butts off like nobody’s watching. It’s an awesome way to release stress and have wicked night out with my girls.

What’s up next for you, or are you currently focused on just “The 100?”

I just wrapped an indie project called “Break Even” that was filming all over California. Filming it was crazy and overwhelming, because it was fast-paced, and action-packed, and we did a lot of our own stunts. It was exhausting at times, but I got to see parts of California I have never visited before, and there was a lot of filming on the ocean, which was absolutely stunning, and a totally different experience than what we do on “The 100.”

What’s your number one tried and true life hack?

I cut a 3-inch cube of potato (or green banana) and put it in my smoothies in the morning. It’s a prebiotic which helps maintaining healthy gut flora. It also thickens the smoothie without adding sugar, which is an awesome side bonus.

Tasya Teles