Kevin Alejandro Spills All On The Upcoming 4th Season Of “Lucifer”

Kevin AlejandroPhoto Credit:Ryan Pfluger

Fans were in for an unexpected shock when Fox cancelled its hit series, “Lucifer,” after three seasons last May. But not to fear: Netflix picked up the show, which will return in a slightly different way tonight, May 8. And one guy is certainly relieved: Kevin Alejandro, who plays Detective ‘Douche’ Espinoza on the show. We chatted with the star—who will have his television directorial debut for the final episode of the season—about the series’ move to Netflix, what to expect from season 4 of “Lucifer” and directing his first short film, the award-winning “Bedtime Story.”

Kevin AlejandroPhoto Credit: Kevin Alejandro

Fans are excited for “Lucifer” to return for its fourth season on Netflix. How do you feel about the transition from Fox to Netflix and being apart of the binge worthy age of television?

I actually think we are the perfect fit with Netflix. It’s what our show and our fans deserve. We have the opportunity to get straight to the point, with no fluff, while staying true to the show our audience loves, and all the while, leaving them wanting more!

What surprises can we expect from the fourth season?

You can expect a lot more devilish violence and a lot more of Tom Ellis’s Butt!!

Because the series is now on Netflix, will it affect the content? Did you find that there was more or less storytelling freedom?

I feel like it’s easier to give the life and breath our stories deserve on a platform like Netflix since you aren’t confined to the same traditional standards you need to meet on broadcast television.

Throughout your acting career you have played detective/cop several times. How does Detective Espinoza on “Lucifer” differ from past ones?

I feel like every character differs from each other because they each require a different part of myself to bring them to life. Everyone of them is flawed, and the real trick is to portray how they’ve allowed their flaws to determine who they are. On the new season of “Lucifer” we will see Dan in much darker place due to the loss of Charlotte at the end of season 3.

Kevin AlejandroPhoto Credit: Leslie Alejandro

You directed your first episode of “Lucifer” in season 3 which also marked your television directorial debut. What was that experience like and can we expect you to direct more episodes in season 4?

To direct a show like “Lucifer” with the people I’ve grown to love made for the most amazing experience I’ve ever had in this industry. I hope to direct another in the next season (If we get one!!?). We’ve tossed around the possibility, but it really depends on the plans they have for my character and whether or not I’ll be able to do both. Either way I’m extremely happy with the possibilities “Lucifer” has created for me.

You are also an avid filmmaker and with a heavy background in acting, what drew you to step on the other side of the camera? What is most intriguing about the work done behind the scenes?

Throughout the years I slowly found myself becoming more and more obsessed with the art of film making, and what it actually takes to create a project. Fortunately my time spent on various sets continues to educate me. I use these moments to observe and ask questions. I am surrounded by so many professionals in every aspect of this business who have been nothing but supportive. They have helped to feed my love for this art form.

What is your advice for emerging filmmakers and how to create content in a saturated market? What are some tools you would recommend to stand out amongst the masses?

I think the best advice I could give any filmmaker is to surround yourself with like minded/ passionate people. Create your team with the ones who love it as much as you do. If you’ve done this and chosen a story that represents your own voice, then make it! The longer you sit on an idea, the more likely it is not going to happen. Grab a camera and shoot it. And it is really not about having the most expensive camera equipment to make good content, you can easily find professional and affordable equipment and make your dream happen.

Kevin Alejandro Photo Credit: Leslie Alejandro

How was the process for your award-winning short “Bedtime Story” from a filmmaking perspective?

“Bedtime Story” was one of those projects that was surrounded with magic. All the elements seemed to come together relatively smoothly. It was as if it was all meant to be. My friend Adrian Cunningham approached me with his script, I loved it, said let’s make it, and off we went. I have been fortunate to work with some wonderful people throughout my years as an actor, and these are the ones I created my team with. Everyone involved with making this film was a friend and an absolute joy to collaborate with. I like to say “Bedtime Story” was magical because I got every one of my first choices for the actors and my friend and Director of Photography, Luis Gomez, had access to one of my favorite cinema cameras, the Black Magic Ursa Mini, which was able to capture everything just how I wanted it. I recommend this camera for other filmmakers as well. These magical elements created our award winning short film.

What does the rest of your year look like project-wise?

I currently have two Micro short films digging a path through the festival circuit. One of which I directed and wrote called “The Talk,” and the other which I wrote and starred in called “Smile.” My wife Leslie Alejandro makes her directorial debut on “Smile,” and my son Kaden Alejandro stars in “The Talk.” It truly was a family affair. I am so extremely proud of them both. I am also working on another huge super secret project that will be announced soon.

What is your dream project and why? Your dream cast?

I must say that every project I’m a part of takes up a very special place in my heart and soul, and it’s no exaggeration when I say, it feels like I am already working with my dream cast on “Lucifer.” It is seriously one of the best experiences I have ever had on a show.