Come Fly With Me: A Look At The Four Seasons Luxe Private Jet Tours

The Four Seasons private jet

Photo Credit: The Four Seasons

In a sea of silver and white airplanes, it’s hard not to notice the sleek black jet emblazoned with the Four Seasons logo as it comes in for a landing. As the hotel industry’s first fully branded jet, the completely reimagined Boeing 757 has been customized from nose to tail, allowing Four Seasons to offer a unique luxury travel experience at 40,000 feet.

Rice terraces in Bali

Photo Credit: The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons team, led by director of guest experience Javier Loureiro, oversees every aspect of the flight, from start to finish—and grants every wish along the way. Chef Kerry Sear goes above and beyond to deliver cuisine that transcends the limits of in-air dining. From coordinating a 20-course meal for a couple wishing to taste the spices of Shanghai, to hunting down a blender that can operate at altitude, there is nothing Sear won’t do to ensure the Four Seasons traveler is fully satisfied.

Exceptional service at 30,000 feet

Photo Credit: The Four Seasons

To achieve this high level of gourmet service, the Four Seasons jet was custom-fitted with state-of-the-art kitchen equipment that allows the chef to create magic in the galley, utilizing fresh, local ingredients gathered from each destination. With this kind of flexibility, guests can tailor meal choices while aboard the jet—be it caviar on carved ice or a burger and beer.

Sunrise yoga at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles

Photo Credit: The Four Seasons

Jet setters are invited to choose one of the Four Seasons specially curated round-the-world journeys. Each one provides ample time on the ground to explore all the local treasures. My favorite itinerary is the “World of Adventures” that journeys from the Seychelles to the Galapagos. Experience the rare, the wild and the beautiful on this trailblazing voyage across four continents. From sailing the South Pacific by catamaran to trekking with gorillas in Rwanda, all Four Seasons adventures are fully customizable, allowing guests the freedom to choose the experiences that speak to them and to change their minds at a moment’s notice. I can’t think of a more rewarding and enriching travel experience!

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