Grand Basel Debuts Ultimate Global Automotive Show

Grand Basel debuts its iconic annual event as the ultimate global show for automotive masterpieces. This year, the worldwide tour will focus on collectors’ timeless pieces from the past as well as works of art of the present. The shows overall theme and vision is “Celebrating Excellence in Motion.” It is not merely an exhibition but rather a creative forum for automotive enthusiasts.

Grand Basel will showcase a selected number of automobiles that feature outstanding quality and a stunning presence. The tour also displays technologically-advance concept cars, a new fad of today’s evolving innovations.

Grand Basel 2018Photo Credit: Grand Basel

Distinctive aspects of this particular tour set Grand Basel apart from other acclaimed automotive shows. Grand Basel is the first and only show in the world to exhibit automobiles in an artistic and architectural light. The show’s style resembles that of modern-day museums. The overall aesthetic comprises contemporary architecture. The most exceptional of the automobiles will be displayed in “frames” to honor them as the works of art that they truly are. The format allows guests to have a deeper appreciation of all the potential that a car can contain.

Ford Consul Capri Coupé
Ford Consul Capri Coupé at Grand Basel

Photo Credit: Grand Basel

One of the main objectives of this tour is to demonstrate diversity in its global market. “Grand Basel presents international connoisseurs, experts and collectors with the epitome of automotive culture,” stated Global Director, Mark Backé. “It will appeal to a broad enthusiast audience interested in automobile aesthetics, technological sophistication, art and culture.”

GFG Style Sibylla GG80
GFG Style Sibylla GG80

The opening Grand Basel show will premiere in Basel, Switzerland from September 6th to September 9th. The inaugural show sets the standards for what’s to come on the global tour. Grand Basel will span the globe from its homeland to Miami this coming Winter 2019 to Hong Kong. Every show will include characteristics unique to the country that they are occupying in an attempt to develop an intercultural atmosphere throughout the tour.