Midtown Miami’s 3 Newest Health & Fitness Openings

Miami’s bustling Midtown neighborhood has recently transformed into a mecca for all things health & fitness-oriented. Already housing Barry’s Bootcamp, The Box, DBC Fitness, Legacy Fit, Crossfit and more—with the Miami-famous Anatomy 1220 gym slated to open within the next few months— they’ve now welcomed even more neighbors that will help us look and feel our best targeting different areas of the body. Here are a look at our favorite newcomers:

[solidcore] Miami

Solidcore MiamiPhoto Credit: Solidcore Miami

This low-impact, high-intensity pilates studio is the perfect way to get your workout in and feel the burn. [solidcore] has earned a prestigious reputation for its signature workouts with 33 studios spanning across the U.S. The class aims at sculpting and toning your body, paying specific attention to the core with slow, deliberate movements and resistance. The boutique class accommodates only 11 people, so guests are able to receive close instruction from the pilates coach to ensure that they’re receiving the very best workout. The class runs for 50 minutes targeting the full body and mind. The brand-new studio rests inside Midtown 5, offering guests workout merchandise, coconut water, vegan cookies and more. [solidcore] caters to clients come from all walks of life, from professional athletes and weekend warriors to stay-at-home moms, CEO’s and the former First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Address: 125 NE 32nd St. Miami, FL 33137

Rise Nation 

Located in the beautiful Miami Design District, Rise Nation has become the newest fitness craze. The unique, 30-minute, high-intensity interval training workout was developed by Jason Walsh and targets the entire body utilizing the VersaClimber machine. The machine simulates vertical climbing and keeps your body moving nonstop throughout the entire class. Benefits of the climbing workout include healthy movement utilizing the boy’s upright biomechanics, fitness and cardio that lead to burning calories, big results accomplished in a short amount of time—it also entails zero-impact and it is self-regulating. The class has been frequented by Lebron James, so you know it’s the real deal.

Address: 3814 NE 1st Ave. Miami, FL 33137

the biostation 

thebiostation2_AdornedPhotogprahy.Photo Credit: Adorned Photography

The new health & wellness hub located right next door to [solidcore] is the perfect place to head to in between workouts to keep your body, mind and energy in the right place. The biostation specializes in a diverse range of offerings, from diagnostic testing to supplements, medical weight loss, nutrient therapy and even medical aesthetics from in-house plastic surgeon Dr. Julio Gallo. When putting in the work to get your body looking its best, taking proper care of it is a huge part of that process—the biostation offers all the solutions to help from b12 injections to IV therapy, natural energy boosters, heart health supplements, sleep support, power-packed proteins, repair + recovery and so much more in a pristine and cutting-edge setting.

Address: 125 NE 32nd St. Miami, FL 33137