Make The Most Out Of Summer With Ani Villas Dominican Republic

AniVillas_Dominican_ArrivalPavilionPhoto Credit: Ani Villas Dominican Republic

As the summer starts to fade into autumnal winds, now is the perfect time to plan a getaway to keep the fun going. The Dominican Republic has become a trending hotspot for luxe lifestyle vacationers, with the Ani Villas being one of the regions most sought after locales.

Only a short flight from New York, Ani Villas boast oceanfront views overlooking cerulean water and waves crashing against the cliffs. Unlike other resorts and hotels in the region, the villas work hard to create bespoke experiences for each guest, be it spa treatments, boating excursions, and every culinary delight imaginable. The Asian inspired design of the villas feature open floor plans in every suite, brought into the modern era with technologically advanced touches like remote controlled lighting and window curtains. In the common areas of the property, a large canopy with a fully stocked bar next to an infinity pool, guests can play shuffleboard, bocce, chess, or wait and relax for the double rainbow that appears nearly each morning after a light shower of rain.

AniVillas_Dominican_MasterRoomsPhoto Credit: Ani Villas Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic isn’t Ani Villas’ first foray into luxury hospitality. The company made it’s mark with wildly successful locations in Sri Lanka, and Thailand—possibly where the design and décor of this property comes from.

If all the amenities and attention to detail in the design of the space isn’t enough to convince travelers into booking a trip, the staff of the property surely is. The people working at Ani Villas are not only some of the kindest, most helpful people working at a hotel, but possibly that one has ever met before. Aside from greeting you with a smile in the mornings, each aide also acts as the point-person for a wide range of responsibilities across the property. Meaning, the young man ready with an extra towel in the morning, may also be your tennis coach in the afternoon. (Yes, there are also tennis lessons available.)

AniVillas_Dominican_MasterSuitePhoto Credit: Ani Villas Dominican Republic

While providing an unforgettable vacation is the goal of the resort, giving back to the neighboring community is of critical importance to the company. The nearby Ani Art Academies work closely with the property; with the luxury villas working closely with the Tim Reynolds Foundation to help young artists on the island reach their fullest potential. The property also sources many of its goods and ingredients from local farmers, fishermen, and businesses.

Nobody wants their summer vacation to be over. Before the winds of September start sweeping through your swim trunks, head south to this tropical island getaway and watch summer fade away like the picturesque sunset over the ocean.