Kirstin Maldonado Dishes On Pentatonix, Her Solo Album And Their Most Challenging Tour

Best known for her role as the only female in the a capella quintet Pentatonix, Kirstin Maldonado’s enthusiasm radiates when talking about the three-time Grammy award winning group. Right now, they are in the midst of a 39-city tour, their biggest and longest to date, in support of their new album “PTX Presents: Top Pop, Vol. I,” which will bring them to Massachusetts next week.

We caught up recently with the Texas native to chat about Pentatonix‘ latest album, her Broadway musical performance and why she can’t wait to get back in the recording studio.

Your latest album, PTX Presents: Top Pop, Vol. I, includes covers of pop hits like Charlie Puth’s “Attention,” Camila Cabello’s “Havana” and Kesha’s “Praying.” Would you say this was a return to your a capella roots?

Yes, absolutely! We started off on (NBC’s) “The Sing-Off” doing popular covers of songs and this was the perfect way to return to that vibe while introducing our new member, Matt’s own voice and sound.

With a Volume I, is it safe to say we can expect more cover albums in the group’s future?


Last year, you released your debut solo EP “L O V E” and earlier this year made your Broadway debut in “Kinky Boots.” You also studied musical theater performance at Oklahoma University, so would you say that appearing on Broadway was a dream come true?

Yes! The experience was more magical than I could have dreamed. It was everything I wanted it to be and more, and the cast and crew I met along the way were so incredible!

Who has inspired you musically along your career?

Jennifer Lopez and Sara Bareilles are my tops! Both incredibly hard-working and talented women.

This year, Pentatonix embarked on its biggest and longest tour to date. How does that accomplishment feel?

It feels amazing. I keep telling everyone this is the show I am most proud of because it has been the most challenging in terms of song choice, set length, tour length, choreography – pretty much everything! So it feels great to get it on its feet and is that much more gratifying to come off stage every night.

What is your favorite song to perform live?

I really love performing our new Rihanna medley. So fun!

Did you ever think Pentatonix would be as big a sensation as it is today?

I didn’t know what to expect honestly, but we always kept grinding and working hard and I think that mentality has really paid off!

What’s up next for you?

Writing music for a full length solo album. I’m so excited to get back in the studio!

Kirstin MaldonadoPhoto Credit:  Lede Company