MR CHOW Participates In DineLA For The First Time

mrchow-bh-extPhoto Credit: MR CHOW Beverly Hills

MR CHOW, an iconic restaurant known for serving authentic Beijing cuisines, is participating in this year’s dineLA from July 13 through July 27. The Beverly Hills restaurant’s pristine reputation for high-quality Chinese dishes makes it the perfect candidate for dineLA’s exclusive lineup.

MR CHOW doesn’t hold-back for such a special occasion. That’s why the impressive semi-prix fixe menu was created by none other than renowned duck chef and stir-fry master chef Ren Zheng Bing. The lunch menu includes savory Sweet & Sour Pork, mouthwatering Velvet Chicken or Beef with Chef Ren’s reputable Oyster Sauce. Additionally, guests can choose between a side of sautéed rice or mixed vegetables.

MR CHOW noodles
Chef Ren’s Five Spice Tofu Salad is the most popular DineLA Dish

Photo Credit: Chef Ren

The dinner selections include Chef Ren’s own Five Spice Tofu Salad, Green Water Dumplings, Chicken Satay, or hand-pulled noodles. The list of entrees comprises of Beijing Chicken, Crispy Beef or Emperor’s Crab to name a few. Guests will also enjoy a theatrical performance by Chef Ren while he demonstrates his stunning knife skills during his famed duck carving display.


MR CHOW captures the spirit of ardent foodies everywhere. The critically acclaimed eatery has been delighting diners since it first opened in London in 1968. Fast forward to 5 decades later, MR CHOW now has locations in Beverly Hills, Malibu, Miami, Las Vegas and two restaurants in New York City. Beverly Hills has embraced MR CHOW’s authentic Beijing dishes since 1974. The restaurant’s artistic appeal and superb cuisine make it a hotspot for celebrities and tourists alike.

Chef Ren has unveiled the recipe to a few of the Dine L.A dishes including his favorite summer specialty, Five Spice Tofu Salad. Please see recipe details below.

MR CHOW’s 5 Spice Baked Tofu Salad

1 bunch watercress
1 small block dried tofu
1 stalk of celery
1/2 red pepper
1 tbsp. minced garlic

2 tbsp. MR CHOW™ Hoisin Sauce
1 tbsp. MR CHOW™ Chile Sauce
1 tbsp. Chili oil
1 tbsp. Sesame oil

Cooking method:
After cutting the root, wash then dry the watercress
After peeling the skin, slice the celery. After removing the seeds, slice the peppers.
After boiling in salt water for five minutes, cool down and slice the dried tofu.
Add minced garlic, sesame oil, MR CHOW Hoisin sauce, making watercress into a circle on the edge of the plate.
Add MR CHOW Chile Sauce and chili oil on sliced dried tofu and mix.
Finally mix the sliced celery, sliced red pepper and place in the center of the plate; top with tofu.