Grand Basel Officially Announces 2019 U.S. Debut In Miami Bringing Art Basel For Luxury Automobiles

Grand Basel - Exhibition ConceptPhoto Credit: Grand Basel

The world-famous Art Basel Miami Beach has been known to draw in some of the greatest names from around the globe for the highly-anticipated week of art, culture and exclusive events. However, now Art Basel Miami Beach won’t be the only European transplant creating waves throughout the city as it has been officially declared that the city of Miami Beach will welcome the brand-new, Grand Basel to debut in Miami February 2019.

The deal was made official at a signatory event on May 16th, 2018 at the Miami Beach City Hall, affirming that MCH Group, the parent company of Art Basel, will launch Grand Basel as its second American event in Miami.

The deal is fantastic news for the Magic City, as it will become home to yet another world-renowned affair in the luxury world. Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber stated, “Miami Beach is fortunate to have Grand Basel launching its American show from our City. We all look forward to making this another premier international event for many years to come.”

Grand Basel - Exhibition Concept Rendering 3Photo Credit: Grand Basel

If you’re unaware of what this exceptional event will entail, think of everything Art Basel has to offer, but with cars. Here, Grand Basel will take over the same Miami Beach Convention Center and create its own unique masterpiece centered around automobiles. However, it must be stated that these won’t be just any automobiles. The collection will display only the world’s finest collection of cars, many of which are only one of its kind, or an extremely limited edition.

Global Director of Grand Basel Mark Backé explained that the concept is truly revolutionary for the automobile world, as it will house a bespoke collection of 200 of the finest cars of the past, present and future that will be discussed in the context of art, design, architecture and lifestyle. “From Miami Beach, we will be able to reach an extensive audience of discerning car collectors and enthusiasts who are eager for a show like no other, one that positions the automobile in a curated environment, where it can be elevated to that of a work of art.”

And part of ensuring that the cars become a work of art is designing the use of space throughout the convention center. Mr. Backé explains that it was crucial for them to keep the space as minimalistic as possible, making the automobile the main attraction of the scene, with no branding or marketing materials around. The space will be stark white and black, only highlighted by the colors and design of each striking car fixated in the center of the space on display.

Grand Basel - Exhibition Concept Rendering 4Photo Credit: Grand Basel

Additionally, in order to keep the event at an exceptional value, Grand Basel will limit the number of showcases and access is divided into VIP and public days to ensure exclusivity to the event. “We decided that there must be a few days where we do entry by invitation only,” Mr. Backé explained. “This gives the exhibit the assurance that in terms of target groups we can enhance the quality of the show by preselecting people that are known for collecting cars, investing into, cars just as Art Basel does with art collectors. This is one thing that does not currently exist in the car show industry so far, and has been one of the main pillars on our to-do list from day one.”

Aside from the exclusive automobile showings, the Fair will also highlight the same sort of world-class attractions as Art Basel, in terms of gourmet culinary offerings, cultural exhibitions, panel discussions and more.

Prior to Miami, Grand Basel will debut in Basel and Hong Kong before making its grand U.S. entrance in February 2019. For more information on the upcoming affair, check out the official website here.