INIKA Organic Bridges The Gap Between Organic And Performance

Inika_Studio_Beauty_416_Closer_Group copyPhoto Credit: Inika

Written in partnership with Thomas Herd. 

While we are all drawn to the wellness attributes associated with organic and vegan beauty brands, the fact is that most simply do not deliver the same performance as their premium luxury counterparts.

That is, until the advent of INIKA Organic. Challenging the theoretical limitations of natural beauty products, INIKA Organic has identified the highest-grade organic ingredients and engineered formulas that deliver unparalleled purity and the same glowing radiance of high-end, luxury cosmetics.

As a testament to that, INIKA Organic’s formulas have been awarded the highest organic certification in the world by the EWG (Environmental Working Group), and their hallmark products such as the BB Cream have been met with international acclaim by an army of beauty authorities, including fashion icons such as Rose Betram, Liz Turner, Alina Baikova and many more. 

INIKA Certified Organic BB Cream 30mlPhoto Credit: INIKA

Through the wake of its success, INIKA Organic is redefining the perception of organic skincare and redrawing the map for its future possibilities.

The brand’s mission is not only to furnish customers with premium quality cosmetics they can rely on—it’s also to empower women to take pride in their natural body images and enjoy a pure sense of beauty that feels more authentic and enlivening than the artificial alternatives.

If their rise to prominence in the U.S. is any indication, INIKA Organic is well on its way to establishing a consensus that natural can now imply premium results.