Inside Miami’s New Secret Omakase Den: Hiden Sushi Bar

Hiden Sushi

All images courtesy of Shōwa Hospitality

Authentic omakase is one area of the culinary scene that has long been lacking in Miami up until recently. Following the inception of NY Michelin-starred Azabu, comes another five-star destination for authentic, Japanese omakase—and this time, it’s a little harder to find.

Located through the back of Wynwood’s newest Mexican destination, The Taco Stand, lies the ultra-secret Hiden omakase den. It’s so exclusive that in order to enter, you’ll need a code to the padlock outside the door of which you’ll receive on the day of your dinner from the reservation booking system, Tock. The code is accessible 10 minutes prior to the reservation, and expires only 15 minutes after the start time, locking you out of the venue if you do not show up on time for your reservation. The reservation system also makes you pre-pay for the dinner, so you best be on time for the extravagant meal.

Hiden Sushi

Inside, Hiden hosts eight omakase seats with Brazilian-born chef Tadashi Shiraishi helming the kitchen. Tadashi was brought over by Shōwa Hospitality, hailing from Mexico City. This is not his first go-around with the group, as he previously worked in other restaurants of theirs throughout Mexico City. However, its Miami transplant is unique in itself.

Aside from the fact that the spot is exclusive in its nature, Tadashi wanted to ensure that guests receive an authentic Japanese omakase experience at an accessible price. As he meticulously prepares his lineup of fresh fish to the utmost perfection, he shares that since the omakase scene is relatively foreign to Miamians, he knew putting it at a price point comparable to hot spots in NYC would not fare well. Therefore, dinner is priced at $130/person exclusive of tax and gratuity, in addition to any sake or wines ordered at dinner.

Hiden Sushi

For this price guests will receive a full, multi-course meal curated by the chef to his liking based on the day’s selection of fish. A typical dinner lineup will start with fresh oysters followed by chutoro and otoro sashimi that will melt in your mouth and a carefully marinated plate of Spanish mackerel sashimi. A special miso soup will be passed around to guests at the beginning of the meal as opposed to the end, created with bits of egg and snow crab, putting an interesting twist on the classic menu item.

Of course, the highlight of the meal will be the eight pieces of omakase nigiri, each delicately prepared by the chef and offering a different delicious taste to the meal. Pieces will include a variation of yellowtail, lean marinated tuna, fluke, mackerel, Spanish uni, seared toro and more. Prior to dessert, the chef will end with one final entree course, such as a mouth-watering, perfectly salted piece of wagyu beef. The meal will conclude with two sweet dessert dishes and green tea to put a sweet end to a decadent and vibrant meal.

While the spot may be “hidden” for now, it hasn’t stopped Miamians from running to reserve a coveted spot at the den. So our advice—plan early, because it may take 1-2 weeks to snag your seats. But we promise, it’s worth the wait.

Hiden Sushi