Professional Athlete Trainer Manning Sumner Shares How To Get In All-Star Shape Like Kevin Durant

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If you’ve ever wanted to train like a pro athlete, now is your chance. Manning Sumner, the founder and owner of Legacy Fit—a Miami-based athletic franchise which incorporates the “no days off” philosophy and focuses on both physical and mental fitness by developing a proper exercise regiment and encouraging a healthy diet for each individual client—is sharing his expertise. Sumner has trained more than 150 pro athletes, including Kevin Durant, James Harden, Jamil Douglas, Joe Johnson, Jordan Reed and Ricky Jean Francois Freak. Here, this professional athlete trainer shares his tips and tricks on how to get in shape like an All-Star. 

Legacy Fit
Legacy Fit

Photo Credit: Legacy Fit

  1. Be consistent. Athletes are no different than you and me — they only see results if they show up and maintain a training schedule
  2. Warm up first. I don’t budge on the pre-workout warm up. Even if the athletes are running late, they warm up. It’s especially important to make sure your body is warmed up before an explosive intense workout.
  3. Keep it simple and be efficient with your time. I am a stickler for specific amounts of time between sets because it’s based on science. If you’re not a pro athlete with a trainer counting for you, wear a watch to keep you accountable in between sets so you are not getting too much rest.
  4. Accountability is key. Most All-Stars have a trainer to put them through their workouts. So, if you don’t have a trainer, find a workout partner who can help motivate you and hold you accountable. Plus, it creates friendly competition to improve.
  5. Train opposing muscle groups to create balance. If you do a chest movement follow it with a back movement.
  6. “HIT.” Implement explosive high-intensity movements in your routine — sprints, plyometrics, Fan Bike, and battle ropes among others.
  7. Sleds. Sleds increase strength and add volume to your workouts without unnecessary loading. You can push it, pull it or drag it.”

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