Fifty Shades Of Black With Nununu

Embracing the under appreciated beauty of minimalism, alternative clothing brand nununu is a favorite among celeb kids. The brand’s popularity took off when multiple celebrity moms and dads – including Gwen Stefani, Fergie and Josh Duhamel, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend and Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West, among others – were spotted out with their kids, who were wearing some of the brand’s signature pieces. (The baggy pants, as well as the star and skull-adorned pieces seem to be some of the preferred styles).

The brand uses a neutral, predominantly black-based color scheme, in unique and sophisticated ways, setting it apart from the majority of mainstream children’s clothing lines. On their website, the two founders, Iris and Tali, said, “…we became the brand that dressed kids in black. Black is innocent. Black is promising. Much like a child, black is a blank slate, ready to be filled with ideas.” The extensive selection ranges from onesies, to outerwear, shoes, dresses, tops, jeans, accessories and everything in between – even bedding with whimsical designs, such as the eye and star sets.

The Holiday Collection was just released, featuring 15 new styles. The velvet tailored pants (a slouchy, casual style elevated with the rich texture of velvet) and the Victorian shirt (an otherwise basic, long-sleeved tee with what the brand calls “a little gothic frill” around the neckline) are two of our favorite styles. The regular collection’s x-ray skull playsuit and the envelope footie overall with an all-over dot-pixel eye print are super cute selections for the babies as well.

The adult-like aesthetic, coupled with the youthful vibe of each piece makes the brand’s vast selection of children’s wear perfect for the ultimate cool kid on the block. Check them out on their website. For more luxury kids content, please visit

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