Magician/Illusionist Adam Trent Chats About The Fascination Of Magic, Touring With “The Illusionists” And Continuing To Amaze Audiences

Adam TrentPhoto Credit: Lonestar Marketing
Imagine a show where audience participation includes having your own personal iPhone smashed with a hammer, put in a blender, yet come out intact in a melon. That’s just what happened when Adam Trent appeared on Ellen, and what you can expect when the master magician, jaw dropping illusionist and Broadway star brings his magic to Boston next month when he performs at the Boch Center March 9 to 11.

The Magic of Adam Trent” has been described as “David Copperfield meets Justin Timberlake,” as his new style of magic combines traditional illusions with music, dancing and technology. Trent, who has also appeared on Rachael Ray, America’s Got Talent and Today with Megyn Kelly, has been performing magic since he was just eight years old, but got his big break when The Illusionists became the best-selling magic show in Broadway history selling $2.1 million in one week. After that, the group embarked on a US and world tour, but now Trent is going back to his roots as a solo entertainer creating a family friendly show that incorporates the immersive combination of magic, comedy, and music.

We caught up recently with Trent to discuss when he first became interested in magic, what it is about his show that makes him so unique and how he continues to amaze audiences worldwide.

When did you first become interested in the art of magic?

I saw a magic performance when I was eight years old. There were always shows that appealed to my mom or appealed to my dad, but this appealed to the whole family. I have always had a fascination with magic and got my start doing kids birthday parties before taking it professional.

Tell us how the opportunity to be a part of “The Illusionists” took place in 2014 and 2015.

I had done cruise ships and tours and the producers saw me at a night club in LA and asked me if I would be a part of the Broadway show, which lasted for two years in a row. To be a part of that really changed my life.

What made you decide to go off on your own as a solo entertainer?

My solo performance has more storytelling. I was doing solo performances before I was a part of “The Illusionists,” but that was an opportunity that I couldn’t turn down. I felt like it was time to do my own thing. It was the right time.

As an entertainer who sings, dances and plays the piano, what else do you think it is about your show that makes it so unique?

The show is a combination of comedy, music and magic. It’s also designed for someone who didn’t know they even liked magic. We constantly have people from the audience participate in the magic and I do magic with their items like putting their cell phone in a blender. The show is definitely like a roller coaster ride.

Why do you think people enjoy magic so much?

I have had people tell me they have seen five or six of my shows and say they keep coming back because each show is different. How the audience reacts to the objects I borrow is completely different. I think people like to see what’s impossible. I recreate special movie effects live. To be able to see that is a very special thing. I perform magic the way it is best seen, which is live.

Tell us what someone who has never been to one of your shows can expect.

Magic is the driving force, but interwoven with that is music, high technology magic and a lot of one-of-a-kind illusions. it’s cutting edge and futuristic with lots of special effects and it’s great for families and kids.

What are you most looking forward to when you come to Boston next month?

I hear Boston is a very young, hip and happening town, so from what I have been hearing of it, the city will be a great fit for this performance.