The Tiny Tesla For Tots

Meet the tiniest Tesla for your tots. Radio Flyer and Tesla have come together to create a miniature version of the car’s Model S for your little speed racer. Several of its features elevate this model from its competitors.

First off, just like the full-sized version, it’s fully customizable. That includes the paint color, the rims and even the license plate, among other components. In fact, the four paint colors – red multi-coat, deep blue metallic, midnight silver metallic and pearl white multi-coat – are the exact same paint colors available for the real deal. The car even comes with an easy charge system and a choice between the standard lithium ion battery, or the long-range lithium ion battery, both powered by Flight Speed Lithium Ion Technology for extended driving time.

The car also has working headlights and a working horn, as well as forward and reverse functionality, and what the brand calls a “frunk,” or a front trunk, to store the essentials. The spacious interior holds up to 81 lbs., and includes connectivity to an MP3 player, via a cord, so your kids can listen to their favorite tunes while cruising. Perfect for the holiday season, the Tesla Model S for kids by Radio Flyer is available online now for your three-to-eight year-old.

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