Heather On Earth Music Foundation Delivers The Magic Of Music

heather on earth

Music is a universal language and something we turn to when other forms of expression are not enough. The Heather on Earth Music Foundation is a non-profit organization that has been established in memory of Heather Simone Fessler, who passed away on September 28, 1985. This foundation is dedicated to delivering the magic of music to children’s hearts that are healing.

Music embraces a full spectrum of joy that the spirit craves. It is there to inspire, center, relax, distract and calm. It is known to boost the immune system, decrease pain, alleviate anxiety and implement patient interaction and cooperation. When children who are sick and suffering can enjoy a little music, just one moment could grow into an eternity of happiness.

Heather on EarthPhoto Credit: Heather on Earth


Heather on Earth is currently providing funding to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. This unique program provides a wide range of music modalities to all pediatric patients and their families who struggle with hospitalization and illness.

An uplifting happy song can bring light and joy to a place of darkness and fright. Giving this joy to the hearts of children and their families in places where they heal is the very reason the foundation exists. It is a necessity to have these programs at children’s hospitals, because hand in hand with science and technology, it nourishes the entire human spirit.