The Polo Bar Is The Elegant Midtown Hideout Everyone Needs

3Photo Credit: Credit: The Polo Bar

n the vast sea of Manhattan watering holes, there are all kinds of bars to choose from: dives like Peculiar Pub downtown, artisanal crafted speakeasies like PDT or Bathtub Gin, and full restaurants with expansive wine lists. At the top of the chart though, one of the finest bars the city has to offer is still Ralph Lauren’s own polo bar. The establishment has the iconic designers Americana latent fingerprints all over it from the leather in each seat back to the plaid upholstery, to the items on the menu. The Polo Bar is the perfect resting place for those enjoying the finest parts of the city to sit down and relax over a perfectly crafted cocktail.
A mix of sport, Americana, and high society, the bar is a hideaway in the bustle of midtown for those looking to escape the tourism and tackier points of the neighborhood to sit down for a great dinner with a friend. Located at 1 East 55th Street, the bar also makes for the perfect meeting spot of some of New York’s best power brokers.


While at the bar, the go-to drink of choice recently has become the Moscow Mule. While Moscow Mules have recently rose to ubiquity as the popular blend of vodka, ginger beer and lime in most bars, The Polo Bar elevates the drink far beyond the cocktail’s standard means. Using the highest quality of ingredients, the bar’s version mixed freshly squeezed lemon juice, 5 muddled cubes of ginger and ginger syrup, club soda, and Tito’s vodka, creating a drink that cuts out the fuss of ginger beer swizzled concoctions and gets right to the point. While Moscow Mules have been made in a myriad of ways to cater to any kind of drinker, the Polo Bar’s rendition is the perfect example of finding elegance in simplicity.

2Photo Credit: Credit: The Polo Bar

For those looking for a simpler drink to take the edge off, the bar also features a wide range of liquors to be served neat or on the rocks, from Don Julio tequila to Louis XIII cognac.
Finding the right cocktail in New York can be tricky. With the business of midtown happening outside on the street, having a simple cocktail that meets every need is a welcomed relief, and The Polo Bar does just that.