Poéthique Founder Reveals The Benefits Of Her Plant-Based Skincare Line

We now know the benefits of a plant-based diet thanks to Allen Campbell, but now you can find out the benefits of plant-based luxury skincare thanks to the folks at Poéthique.

PoethiquePhoto Credit: Poethique

The line was inspired by cultures from around the world using botanical ingredients that are unique, time-tested, and effective.

PoethiquePhoto Credit: Poethique

Poéthique’s product line includes:

Radiance Boosting Serum – hero product, loaded with caviar lime and wild plum extracts (all sourced from the rainforests of Australia), the product speeds up skin’s natural renewal process, revealing softer, brighter skin that glows.

Deeply Cleansing Milk – new product, powered by purifying neem (celebrated by scientists and herbalists alike for its purifying properties) and calming chamomile. The cleanser deeply cleans without stripping resulting in dewy soft skin.

Facial Recovery Oil (new) – new product, powerful botanicals include sacha inchi from Peru, tamanu from Polynesia and Indian sandalwood. This oil is an elixir that transforms skin into its healthiest, most balanced version.

PoethiquePhoto Credit: Poethique

We caught up recently with Poéthique’s founder Gayatri Pradhan to learn more about the brand.

Why did you decide to create a 100 percent plant-based line?

It started a while back. My heritage is Indian and I grew up with botanicals that work to create great skincare. I knew these botanicals were effective, so the seed was set at that point. I am a pharmaceutical scientist by training and that was another key turning point. I had been working for another skincare line and at one point took a step back. I wanted to create something that was not chemical based. A few years ago, I started playing with ingredients and met a wonderful lady, who is now a dear friend, Patricia Mirabito from Buenos Aires and we created the Poéthique line.

What makes the line so special?

What differentiates us are two things – one that both Patricia, my partner, and I have had the good fortunate to be able to travel widely. Every time we think about product lines, we go deep in the culture that we know. We think of what amazing ingredient we can incorporate like caviar lime that is well known in Australia and is used for exfoliation. We try to find unique and effective ingredients. The other thing, we’re not taking oils and blending them. We both have a chemistry background and know what it takes to create a skincare line that is effective yet indulgent.

What inspires you to create a new product?

As far as how we came up with the idea, my background in skincare marketing comes in.  We talk to people, do research and see what people are looking for. Everyone is looking for skin that is even and doesn’t look undernourished or unhealthy. Even, glowing skin is what everyone wants. An under eye cream is next on our list to create to help reduce lines while delivering a wonderful luxurious feel.

Who is the Poéthique customer?

Someone who is really interested in cleaning up their beauty routine by getting rid of synthetics. It goes back to the idea of beauty, not about effectiveness, and more about enjoyment. When we were designing the brand, we joked that we were creating the line for a woman who loves the environment and her Manolos. The two things can coexist. We don’t look at our target customer in terms of age. The product should be accessible to all ages.

You graduated from MIT and live in Boston now.  What are some of your favorite places to go in town?

I love Bella Sante in terms of the treatments they offer. I love hanging in the Public Garden with my kids, watching the Swan Boats and finishing it off with high tea at The Bristol Lounge. I also love Brighton Music Hall for fun indie music.