Infrared Saunas Are Incredibly Beneficial For You Says Science

The Scientific Proof That Infrared Saunas Are Incredibly Beneficial For YouPhoto Credit: PATRICIA YORKStandard sauna sessions are out the window for a good sweat. Emerging evidence suggests that though the physiological benefits found in traditional saunas still maintain, the sweating is profoundly more intense in infrared saunas but at bearable temperatures. For those sensitive to overwhelming heat, infrared saunas prove a favorable option.

The North American Sauna Society advice the temperature for traditional saunas be set at a 150ºF minimum in order to “guarantee the relaxing effects of a sauna.” Infrared saunas provide the same without excessive heat at 120-140ºF. Keep in mind that traditional saunas rely on humidity. Infrared saunas relay on the infrared lights to raise body temperatures quicker and deeper. This new trend harmonizes the cooling process to transport blood immediately to the surface of the skin and opening pores through sweat.

In general, the Journal of Human Hypertension study regarding sauna bathing effects on cardiovascular function demonstrates that a 30-minute session has “beneficial effects on arterial stiffness, blood pressure, and some blood-based biomarkers.” The study further explains that these new findings may provide insight into the associations of sauna bathing and “reduced risk of cardiovascular outcomes.”

Two local studios ahead of the infrared sauna curve in Las Vegas are Elevated and Cure with prices ranging from $35 for a single session to $160 for annual memberships. Three sessions are suggested to see results.