Top Gifts For A Stress-Free New Year

With the holiday season wrapping up, it’s time to start planning for the New Year. If you’re like most people, setting resolutions for the upcoming year is second nature. While it’s important to pinpoint big goals to hit, it’s also important to plan for self-care. Whether buying yourself a self-pampering gift, or shopping for the perfect hostess gift for New Year’s Eve parties, think about a luxurious present that will help fight stress all year long. These self-care gifts are ideal for starting the year off right and hitting your New Year’s resolution, whether it be a digital detox, meditating more, or simply scheduling more down time. Read on for our favorite self-care gifts of 2018.


Saje Aromatime Ultrasonic Diffuser

While there are hundreds of aromatherapy diffusers on the market, Canadian company Saje has produced the Cadillac of essential oil diffusers with the Aromatime Ultrasonic Diffuser. This lovely discrete cube, available in black or white, is ideal to keep next to your bed, a perfect complement to your morning or nightly meditation practice. Ultrasonic technology creates negative ions and aromas that elevate your health through scent. Aromatherapy has proven to be effective in everything from curing headaches, reducing anxiety and depression, boosting energy and productivity, or inducing sleep. Two distinct chambers for East (energizing) and West (relaxing) can be filled in advance, allowing for scents to always be ready at the press of a button. Saje essential oils are top of the line and specially made for the diffuser, with various kits available including Brainstorm, Happiness and Good Health. And an automated timer means you can wake up with a refreshing blend and fall asleep with a scent that quiets the mind.The Rise and Rest set is an incredible option to have on hand to keep your ultrasonic diffuser full, allowing you to wake up to the scents of bergamot, lemon, mandarin, and spearmint and to fall asleep to lavender, orange, roman chamomile, geranium, and ylang ylang.


Naked Cashmere Puff Slippers

Don’t be fooled by brands advertising luxury cashmere at discount prices. There’s only one brand we’ve found that lives up to the hype when it comes to cashmere at prices that don’t break the bank: Naked Cashmere. The retailer, a favorite of Kate Moss, offers sweaters and accessories in unbelievable quality that rivals pieces at five times the cost. Their secret? By cutting out the middle man, they design and produce the latest styles with super-soft yarns direct from goats in Mongolia. Our favorite gift is a pair of their new puff slippers, available in blue, pink, grey, white and black. With flexible outsoles, a comfortable padded interior, and a fun pom pom detailing, these slippers are the ideal gift for anyone looking to unwind. And at only $80, they’re a third the price of similar models, which explains why Naked Cashmere has had a hard time keeping these in stock. Just be careful going to the website, as it’ll be impossible not to pick out a sweater…or five for yourself.

silk_bralette_shorts_robe_kimono_500x (2)

Dear Drew Silk Lounge Set

In addition to actress, producer, and makeup mogul, add fashion designer to Drew Barrymore‘s resume. Her incredible line Dear Drew now has a line of intimate silks and loungewear that recall 1930s Hollywood glamour, and happen to pair perfectly with a pair of cashmere slippers. The Manhattan Nights short kimono robe drapes delicately in black and pink. And matching high-waisted silk lounge pants are so flattering you’ll want to wear them around the clock. High fashion is rarely so comfortable. The entire collection features bralettes, hipsters, tops and joggers in luxurious silk, cotton and cashmere. And with their gorgeous details and feminine silhouettes, any piece is meant to be worn straight from bed to Sunday brunch. We can’t think of a better way to simplify your wardrobe in 2018.



Adornia Fake News Lariat Necklace

2017 proved to be a particularly stressful year for bad news, along with people decrying any negative news as fake. Sometimes the best response is just to laugh, and this beautiful necklace playfully reminds people that “fake news” is nothing more than a buzzword. This delicate piece from Adornia is 25 inches in length, in a lariat style that secures the design around your neck. It’s available in 925 sterling silver, with your choice of 14k yellow gold vermeil, rose gold vermeil, or white silver. The next time you find yourself stressed out over another “fake news” tweet, just clutch this lovely reminder and go out and get some fresh air and pick up a copy of the Washington Post. If getting your news from reputable sources doesn’t make you feel good, Adornia also donates 10% of profits each month to a charity working towards female empowerment.



Wool and the Gang Blanket Knitting Kit

We love this “Come in from the Cold” blanket kit from Wool and the Gang with its oversized pom poms, soft yarn and subtle pattern design. Knitting has long been proven to combat stress and anxiety, and many people use it as their daily meditation. Few things are as satisfying as creating something from scratch. And this easy-to-follow along kit includes everything you need to make a drool-worthy throw. When ordering you can also choose the main yarn colors, with dozens of gorgeous shades including True Blood Red, Sherpa Blue and Hot Punk Pink. While this throw is best for intermediate knitters, Wool and the Gang offers a variety of kits for all levels from hats to pillows to scarfs. If you know someone who needs to slow down in 2018, a knitting kit is the perfect gift.